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    What is the punishment for a person who holds two different Aadhar cards in his name?

    I came across a guy who has intimated one Aadhaar number in one legal document, and the same guy intimated a different Aadhaar number in another legal document. We all know that we cannot have more than one Unique Identity Card(Aadhaar Card)

    How serious is this case, and where should I report this matter, and what would be the punishment awarded to that guy?

    Kindly help me out. The guy is not (not)my well-wisher with whom I have enmity, and I want to fix him in this matter.
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    The very purpose of issuing the Aadhaar card with unique identity number is to give the citizen the right of being called the resident of India and of a particular state citizen. Since the card is monitored and followed by the Union government authority for every need and scheme it is expressly understood that one person and one card is the rule. The card has many details to nab those which has similar details if taken in duplicate and if caught all the benefits that were enjoyed and availed through the duplicate card can be confiscated and jailed for impersonation of information for ulterior motives. Now that the author came to know about a person having two cards, he is duty bound to give a police complaint immediately and his second card seized. In India there is no place for wrong doers even if the person is known to us.
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    Aadhar Card contains a lot of informations especially when it is connected with PAN Card. It carries unique identity number. This document is required for all the official purposes.If someone keeps two Aadhar Card for extracting personal benefits, this sort of act is punishable if caught. Probably the person doing such a blunder is not aware of consequences of keeping two Aadhar Card. The author may take up the initiative to lodge a complaint against the person to the police station to initiate appropriate action.

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    Having two Adhar Card is not permitted. The author wants to teach him a lesson in this matter. I don't think the author should take this opportunity to take his revenge, rather, he should ask him to shred his one Adhar Card instead. If the author gets lodged an FIR against the person he may be booked under serious IPC Sections. It is a criminal offence.

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    In Aadhar portal it was mentioned for impersonation, 3 years imprisonment and Rs.10000 fine.

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    I am still not convinced how come an individual is carrying two Aadhar cards?

    There are details of thumb expression as well as eye recognition process. Agree that contact details can be misinterpreted but how will thumb expression as well as eye recognition process can be fooled.

    There should be hard punishment to teach a lesson or else others will also try to find escapes.

    The soft action will be inappropriate in this context.

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    It is very peculiar. How a person can have two Aadhaar cards. How the person was able to produce two different fingerprints? Is there any trick in it? Generally, thumb impressions of one person will not match with the thumb impressions of another person. In addition to thumb impression, there is an iris scanning process also. How that person managed? When a person who already got an Aadhaar can easily be identified when he undergoes iris scanning. Technically there is no possibility. Probably that person who has two cards might have managed to get a fake Aadhaar card.
    The present system says if a man is having forged copies of Aadhar will be imprisoned for 6 months or a fine of
    Rs. 10,000/- may be awarded. I think it is too small and the punishment should be exemplary so that no others will think of such activity. The courts should punish such people very heavily so that no other people will go for such acts. Technically no one can get two cards.

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    There have been some cases like that when one single person has been able to take two Aadhar cards on two names, one his name and another a fake name or may be both the fake names. Normally it would not be so easy to do that because while taking a photograph of the eye (retina) the person would be caught as the system would be showing some error. Anyway sometimes due to some performance issue some photographic instruments might not be working satisfactorily and that person was able to get his second card also. But if it is caught by the police or reported to the police by anyone then a case will be lodged against that person and FIR will be prepared and the matter will be investigated. There is rigorous punishment and fine as mentioned in the Aadhar act and this is treated as cheating by impersonation. Police can arrest that person and produce in court where he might plead for bail but that person would definitely be under problem if someone reports this to the police.
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    Better get the facts clear first. You said he has given one Aadhaar number in one document and another in another document. So it is not necessarily the case that he does have two Aadhaar cards. He could simply have given a fake number in one document or used the number of somebody else. It is for the authorities to whom the two documents have submitted to verify which one is genuine. In fact, if they are legal documents, then definitely a thorough verification should be done and if the legal documents involve you, and you are 100% sure of some wrongdoing, you have the right to demand a deeper investigation into the validity of the Aadhaar numbers.

    A number of queries also arise - Have you actually seen the two Aadhaar cards? Do you know what is his actual Aadhaar number? If you file a police case, then would you be able to substantiate it with proof?

    And is this thread one of your puzzles?!

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    An alert that I came across today- it should not be accepted as a fact that a 12-digit number is of an Aadhaar card. It should be verified online. How to do so is given in detail here:

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