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    Does the same principle of frequency or energy really work?

    Sometimes it happens to us that we are thinking about a particular person, that could be a friend or an acquaintance, or we are talking about it with another person and suddenly you get a call from the same friend or person with whom you have not spoken for a long time. It is believed by people that every person has a certain energy and that energy is always associated with the energy of the universe and through this, we feel close to our loved ones even when we are away from them. It is also said that when we have positive thoughts or negative thoughts about someone, they also reach that particular person in the form of a frequency or energy. Is there really any truth in these principles, if it is considered true then are we the ones who really writing our own future or making our relations stronger or weak as the energies, that are sent by us. What do you think about this?
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    It is the fact that when we like some one and if he appears in person before us we get astonished and even tell him that he will be alive for 100 years. Only last week I had been to one my relatives house after a long time and she was not there. When we are about to leave we recieved the call that she is coming to our house. Anyway we met her at her house and she was so happy that she was thinking of us and we are present there and wished I should stay for 100 years. Not that everyone would be liked. those who are more connected very personally with others would be more liked by others.
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    Sometimes it happens and I always think it is a coincidence. I don't know what is science involved in this. Sometimes what we think may become real. That is why people say we should never think about negativity. If we think about something negative, the same may happen. So it is always better to have positive thoughts.
    One day I have to catch a train. But due to some work pressure, I could not leave the office in time and hence I got delayed. I lost the hope of catching the train. No late is indicated in the railway information about that train. They say it is on time. I requested my colleague to drop me at the station in his car and he obliged. I could reach the station 20 minutes late. While travelling somewhere my sixth sense is telling me that I will catch the train. Just I entered the Station, I have seen the train coming onto the platform. I am so happy that I could catch the train. My sixth sense sensed the delay.

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    People who believe in paranormal or metaphysical matters might attribute to these things with some energy and though scholars had give various interpretations about these matters but still a majority of people believe that these are merely coincidences happening in our lives. Some people even report seeing of some images in far horizon telling them about the coming events and when they tell this to others and these come true then every one is astonished. Science is still in its infancy in these matters and unless some logical proof and identification is found science cannot take or explain these things in their assumed form.
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