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    Should undertrials be denied basic humaneness?

    Tribal rights activist Father Stan Swamy passed away at age 84 in State custody in the hospital where he was undergoing treatment. R.I.P. Father.

    As you all are aware, Father Stan Swamy had been arrested under an anti-terror law in the Elgar Parishad case. He was not only denied bail numerous times, but reports came in that at one point of time when in jail, he was denied something as simple as a sipper and a straw. The NIA was unwilling to get him admitted to a hospital for private medical treatment even when his health deteriorated badly, and only due to the High Court's directive that he was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai in May this year where he was looked after well, but unfortunately, it came too late as his condition worsened over time.

    Why was Father Stan Swamy tagged as a 'terrorist'?
    Why was Father Stan Swamy denied humane treatment?
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    As a ordinary citizen we may not know all such details but when NIA has taken up this case Stan Swamy was tagged as terroist and the investigation was on. Since his health condition was not good, he was admitted to the hospital and died there. When it comes to national security our law is very strict and there is no compromise nor letting off so easily and in this case the bail was denied as the NIA felt deeper conspiracy. He had the chance to deny his detention but he failed to do so and thus NIA was having full rights to try him and prove in the court of law and meanwhile his health detoriarated.
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    Law is generally thought to punish the guilty but the process of proving guilty is so long and tedious that sometimes an innocent caught in the game may also suffer for a long time and that is the bad part of the law and punishment system in the modern society. Though there are some guidelines as who is to be given a bail and who is not to be given still the demarcation is not very clear at some places and the judgement of the authorities prevail. Whenever ambiguities are there, it is the prudence of the judge that prevails. We do not know whether Father Stan Swamy was guilty or not but the delay in deciding his involvement in terrorism is itself a matter of concern. In my native place one of my neighbours lodged a case to create nuisance for the other neighbour and that case is going on for last so many years without any conclusion but the trouble of answering the case is already passed on by the mischievous person to someone he wants to tease. There are some inherent shortcomings in the legal area which are to be smoothened out by modifying the rules and regulations.
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    Why he was arrested in the Anti-terrorist act is not known. After his arrest, he applied for bail many times stating his health condition but the courts denied bail stating that there are no proper pieces of evidence to show that this man is severely suffering from ailments. He mentioned in his bail application that he was having normal health at the time of imprisonment. But during his stay in jail, his health deteriorated. But the court has not sanctioned him any bail. The NIA wanted him to get treatment in a government hospital but he has not shown interest and the court suggests NIA admit him to Holy Family hospital and accordingly he was admitted there on May 30th and getting his treatment.
    The important question here is why the prison persons are so inhuman to them. India is a country where people are ready to forgive and forget the crimes done by others. Even a person who killed the Ex-PM also was getting very good treatment in jail. Only the jail authorities have to answer this question.
    Let his soul rest in peace.

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    Father Stan Swamy is an example of the existence of an undeclared emergency in our country. What was done to Stan Swamy was a human rights violation and a denial of justice. Father Stan Swamy was a humanitarian who dedicated his life to the cause of Adivasis.
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    Stan Swamy tried to uplift the poor adivasis in many ways and the local people are grateful to his service. Unfortunately, he was caught by NIA for doing terrorist activities and finally he was put to jail. Our judiciary system is so bad that undertrial prisoners are treated as culprits even though the charges have not been established. His condition deteriorated while remaining in the jail and was denied the better treatment for long and ultimately his treatment for the private hospital was allowed only when his health condition became out of control. He passed away because of the severe lapses of the jail administration.

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    Generally speaking, when it comes to the national security of the country, the security of the country is kept above all others and that is also right, but in this way shaming humanity itself is also a wrong way. On the one hand, the constitution of our country also provides some fundamental rights to foreign people, which include the right to live, the right to respect, and on the other hand such misbehavior with citizens, whether a person has committed any crime or not, but when When it comes to someone's health or life, the constitution does not give anyone the right to play with it. Whatever the incident was in the valley, it was very sad and painful.

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    The death of Fr Stan Swamy raises many questions before the conscience of the nation. He fondly remembers that he fought for human rights all his life, but his own rights were denied, and he ended up helpless, much to the chagrin and protest of human rights activists in the country. Despite numerous bail applications, including in NIA Court, he was denied bail and eventually went to his heavenly abode without even being granted bail.

    The news of the death came as the Bombay High Court was considering an urgent bail application yesterday. The shock that the court recorded in the face of that untimely demise will long linger in the heart of the country. Human rights activists allege that Stan Swamy, an 84-year-old Jesuit cleric accused in the Maoist-linked case, was a victim of state terrorism. Stanislaus Lourdh swamy alias Fr. Stan Swamy is a native of Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Fr. Stan Swamy was arrested on October 8 last year. Fr Stan Swamy was the oldest person to be arrested under the Unlawful Activities Prohibition Act (UPA).

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    Father Stan Sawsmi died in custody, when this news came out it spread everywhere like a fire. UN and European Union have reacted rather strongly to his death. He was 84 old man and he was a patient with some serious diseases. It is said about him that he could not walk on his foot without the support and even could not drink water on his own, nevertheless, he was a threat to peace and security, so he was not given bail.

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    The death of Father Stan Swamy while in custody is an unfortunate event and a blot on human rights in India. There is no point in commenting about the injustice and the inhuman treatment he received. His death will only strengthen the resolve of people like him.
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