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    Vigilant and careful interventions are always necessary.

    Every football game is a mixed form of observation and action, preparation and defense by others, even when the ball is on one's leg. No one can play alone for too long. Likewise, none of the other players can stay idle by only looking at it for a long time. This common understanding is needed in all games and in life. The confidence of the player is the behavior of the person standing next to him. His every move will be in the confidence that they are with him, even if it is a little far. The greatest gift a person can give is to be able to be the playing man's inspiration and motivator.

    The first thing to learn is not to stand in front, but to stand with. Stumbling the feet of the players are due to the idea that the ball should always be at my feet and the misconception that I can win the game on my own. Games that need to be played together will fail if they are played alone. Not only the advancement but also defense is important in the game. In a society that cannot receive and accept the efforts of defenders from behind, only unhealthy rivalries will form. Becoming the first step of the ladder is not so easy. Only those who have done that role at least once can do justice to the steps at the high they reach.
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    The author has given great elaborate detailing on the vigilant and intervention behaviors seen on the football ground. I am not a football fan I always found that the vegeance is the part of the game and not for the winning stride. Winning at the cost of injuring the opposite team members is not good omen for the great game like foodball. Some of the international matches are always surcharged with ditching, putting cross legs on the opposite team players, having tiff with the refree and final showdown with abuses on the field. One thing sure games are not played professionally as expected.
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    One should support the person who is struggling for the benefit of all. When a person is playing very well, support should be given by the other players also so that he will perform well and may win the game for the team. As a co-player encouraging the person who is doing good is not sufficient, you should also come out with your contribution then only it is possible the team will win.
    Not only in the game but even in our real-life also, there are many people who are trying for the cause of human beings. We should also come out with open support and also should participate actively so that the goals will be accomplished. Supporting and helping the people who are striving for the country is the way one should live.

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    The author has very beautifully given the message of both vigilance and unity to man through the actions of a game. Whether it is a matter of sports or to move towards reaching our goal in life, in both situations it is very important for us to be alert. So when we are going on the road, we may go astray many times even while keeping alert, but if we have maintained unity with our loved ones, then surely we will be helpful in handling each other. While going towards your goal, success can be achieved only by making the surrounding environment positive.

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    The author has emphasised collective efforts about achieving any goal and he has given an example of football in which the ball should be passed to other players to get it converted into a goal. Most of the front liners have the coordination to move towards opponents goal post while passing the ball to each other but some great players of some teams take the ball with them only and they don't pass it to other teammates and eventually, they add a goal for their team. Lionel Messy is one of them who can defeat all opponents players including the goalkeeper and changes his dribbling into the goal. Instead of football, I think relay race is a more suitable example to prove collective effort or teamwork, in which each of the players has to pass the baton to his colleague at right time with the right posture, so that his team-mate may take the baton further and ultimately the last player of the team reaches target as the front runner.

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