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    Let us build new paths to travel.

    Follow-up is not wrong if it is beneficial and conducive to growth. It's easy to go through the paths someone started. There will be no inconveniences of traveling for the first time, no will question us, and there will be other passengers in the front and back. If you walk through the path some have traveled, you will only reach the same place where all arrived. The route that a person begins with their circumstances or imperfections.

    There are some questions that every traveler should ask themselves when choosing paths. Is this the right way for him? Are there other ways that are more beneficial than this? Is there a need to build a new road for myself? And so on. All those who opened their paths had their own goals and motivations. Not the arrogance of not being dependent on anyone is the self-confidence that I will move forward if there is no one with us too, and which will give you the courage to say goodbye to old ways.
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    Though the author has enlightened a new way to approach on every problem we face, normally we do not dare to build our own path for lack of experience and lack of know how. If we go to village we find single person path leading to well, farm or even the water bodies. It is sure shot path and we cannot be decieved. Where as there are big paths made by the bullock cart travels to and fro and that can also be taken granted as they are the real paths. But when we want to create our own path, we may not dare the new one as we are not aware of the impending dangers along the path and that could be no reach of destination also.
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    Following the paths that are already existing is very easy. You are sure that you will reach your destination definitely a little late or early. But when you think of finding a new path, you have to do a lot of searching and sometimes you may fail to reach the destination and you have to come back restart in a different path. So many will never prefer this. They use Google search and find out the shortest and fastest route and follow.
    Similarly in our life also we will try to follow others in various situations. But people with self-confidence will understand the situation with their wisdom and they will find their own way of searching for the solution for their problems. Such people will remain in history for a long. Take the example of Gandhiji. He fought with the British in a way he decided and brought independence to the country. That is why he has become the Father of the Nation.

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    If the path is made by the other and if we follow the same path to reach the destination, it would not be difficult to move on that path without any external support by someone. The task if undertaken by us by designing all together a different path will consume much time and energy to carve out the destination. It won't be that much easy where different parameters such as resources, engagement of man- power, materials and approval of the higher ups are needed taking its own time in the construction of the road. Moreover shorter is the rout, lesser the expenditure. Hence we need to think of the different ways to make the same successful.
    Similarly making our own path in the life is not easy, it requires both patience and skill so as to emerge successful.

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    Generally, every struggler follow footsteps of his seniors and experienced people to reach his goal and it is rather normal. However, some people who have extraordinary qualities take their own ways and create new paths for their followers but such great people are less in number.
    The author has suggested that every person should choose right path and should stay away from wrong path. I would like to add here that he should notice it that every wrong path looks easy and alluring in contrast with the right path that looks difficult but at the end of the day the person who treads on right path is the real successor.

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    The author presented a good and advisable thread. Every path has its own destination and many times it happens that many passengers are moving towards the same destination, in such a situation, we may not consider ourselves to be different from them, but in the real sense, every person's journey is a different experience. Because our thoughts, our circumstances, etc. decide the distance between our journey and destination. At the initial level, you may definitely need someone's guidance for a path, but there comes a time when the entire reins of your journey are in your hands only and this is the time to make a new path for yourself. You can choose or choose, then if you want, you can make changes according to your experiences on those paths. The final decision of a pleasant journey is up to you.

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    When a person is working in a group he is driven by the group dynamics and there are many compulsions to follow the old path. One has to abide by the orders from the higher ups as well as adhere to the organisational discipline. That is what normally people follow in a system.

    Now, there are some people who want to do something different from others and in that pursuit sometimes innovate a new scheme which starts a new path. These people are the real innovators who imagine new ideas and convert them in reality. They are the ones who make new paths of ambitious journeys. We must learn from such energetic and enthusiastic people and follow the suit.

    Knowledge is power.

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