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    Indian IT sector poised for big growth

    The Indian IT sector has recovered after a slumber and due to the Covid situation has now posted 11 percent growth and that is the great comeback. Though the central govt gave impetus to infrastructure , road and tourism and also some pep to the hotel Industry, IT sector has really come up on its own in spite of work from home mode. This implies that the salaries of IT employees would not be cut and they would not be retrenched. Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore are the main beneficiaries of great recovery so far. Any comment on this development ?
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    True. There is an improvement in the IT sector. Many companies are recruiting new people with good salaries. My son was working in Infosys. This January he shifted to another company with about a 60% increase in his salary. He is shifting to Bangalore from Hyderabad. Because of work from home, he is in Hyderabad only. After normalcy, he will shift to Bangalore. The second son is continuing with TCS and he got a promotion this year with about a 15% increase in his salary. He is continuing in Hyderabad only and presently he is working from home.
    Many fresh graduates joined Infosys and TCs. Two of my relatives joined these companies. one in each. I understand from my sons that a lot of recruitment is going on.
    This is really a piece of welcome information and instead of the difficulties encountered by many people and companies. the IT sector is doing well. I hope other sectors also will further improve and we will be back with a bang.

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    Govt is giving a good thrust to the IT area and in many fields the benefits of adopting IT and computerisation are already being seen. We are slowly moving to a paperless regime and in that situation online activities are going to increase manifold. Companies are gearing up for cloud computing and cloud operations and that time is not far when except paying for a server rental, there will be nothing to be worried. In the new scenario there will be a good demand of coding and system experts covering the software side as well as the hardware side. Many countries are reaping the benefits of IT and computerisation and India is also taking advantage of the huge manpower which is available in this niche area. I hope that there would be more development in this area and India would emerge as a big IT hub in South East Asia.
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    I think IT is only one of the few sectors where working from home is possible and that's why there is a growth whereas other sectors are lagging behind. We wish that every sector should grow though it will take some time. The present situation has created confusion among people and they are quite panic-stricken. Many people have lost their jobs and do not know what they will do. We hope these problems should be addressed properly so that everybody can grow together.

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