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    Everything is perfect, try adopting this notion too.

    We have always heard and said that "Nothing is perfect" and while adopting it, we have come to believe that no person or thing in the world can be perfect. This is generally said so as to reduce to find faults or evils in others and accept them what is as it is. This means that we are also with our shortcomings and the other person also has shortcomings, so if perfection is needed then both have to work on themselves.

    But can't we take it in such a way that "everything is perfect", that is, a person, as he is, that is his perfection, and there should be nothing to complain about because God has made him/her that way. So by doing this, it will be easier for us to have an idea of ??perfection about the people. When we believe that everything is perfect, there is no comparison in our mind and perhaps we can feel happier in such a situation.
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    Though everything is perfect is the positve thought, we cannot guarantee that the things would go as per the plan and envisaged goal. And this particular trait would be inculcated over the passage of time and with immense expererience behind it. By the way everything is perfect thinking is the over confident level to which others may not agree. For example we cannot challenge our contention with a experienced person who has gone through the various process of life and that would be foolish thing to confront with him. So I am not for the author mention of everything is perfect.
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    I feel. think that everything is perfect is not a positive thought. If we think everything is perfect and sit pretty without taking any action, in the end, we may have to cut a sorry figure. Instead of that, there may be imperfections but I can see that they will become perfect and I can come out successfully. This is the best positive thought.
    Once I had a discussion with my junior. He came and told me all the problems he had in his duties. I told him that because of those problems only he was there. If everything is perfect we don't require a person there. I told him that we all will support him and he should solve the problems one by one. He understood and started working positively with a notion that he can do. He is successful and had a good career in our organisation.
    We should think about making everything perfect instead of thinking everything is perfect. We have to think of issues more than the persons involved. That will give confidence to the person who is handling the situation.

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    Now, whom or what can be termed as perfect? In many scientific experiments, the results will vary with the theory because in the theory there are many conditions that have to be met that are not possible in reality. If this perfection is applied in terms of people/materials then I think the definition will vary and what seems perfect to me may not be that perfect to you. The idea of this perfection is how you like the way things are. If things work according to your preference you will call it perfect and if it doesn't you will not find it perfect. A fault remains a fault until you call it a fault just for the sake of finding a fault. When you know it's a fault acknowledge it and take necessary action to rectify the fault. If it's your own work try to improve it by finding out the shortcomings and for others encourage them with some positive inputs so that they are not demoralised.

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    Nobody is perfect and everybody knows about it. Have you ever thought over it? This is an inspiring tool which helps to be perfect in a particular situation. A perfect person is flawless, he can't commit any mistake but we know that everybody is imperfect and me too. It keeps me inspiring to work flawlessly or without committing mistake. This feeling of fallibility keeps me straight on my path. It happens with everybody. We carry a fear of committing a mistake because of this fallibility or human is err type thing.
    Some people are chosen as infallible but irony is that who do it are aware of their wrong notion about these selected people. We can behold all their shortcomings with naked eyes. Problem is that some people don't find any shortcomings even in microscope whereas some others are involved in magnification of their mistakes. Should they be denominated as bunch of fools and bunch of crooks respectively?

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