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    Twelve ministers from Mr.Modi's government resigned means is a case of failure?

    Twelve of the ministers from Mr.Modi's government resigned and the whole cabinet was either changed or reshuffled. Very few of the old ministers were promoted to cabinet rank. Some of the very important and prominent ministers like health minister Mr.Harsha Vardhan, law minister Mr.Ravi Sankar, environmental minister Mr.Javadekar were removed from the cabinet. The removal of is these prominent ministers can be the case of failure of them in their duties. The media is already expecting that Mr.Harshavardhan is going to be removed because of the mishandling of the covid second-wave situation in India. Mr.Kishan Reddy from Telangana was promoted to cabinet rank basing on the merit of his performance. What is your opinion of the complete revamping of the NDA cabinet? Is it due to the fear of its failure in NDA functionality in recent times?
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    Like school and College progress report, government also takes the note of performance of each minister and their service to the constituency and therefore weak and non performing ministers are not liked even in other governments. Within three years India is going to have Parliament election and Modi wants his team of members to perform conforming to his reforms. And those who have done exemplarily well are bestowed with additional responsibility too. For Example our MP Kishan Reddy who has performed very well in his previous ministry has been given three portfolios now and that is great.
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    I don't think this reshuffling done with any fear of defeat in the coming election. It is common in any government to change the ministers in between based on the requirement or their performance. It is good that the government can decide on removing some ministers whose performance is not up to the mark. How many governments can do that? This reshuffling indicates that the systems are in place and the party and the government are watching the performance of their ministers and taking necessary action as required.
    Some new inductions are there in the cabinet which are very interesting. We can expect some good performance from these people. Kishan Reddy did a good job as a State Minister for the first time and got Cabinet rank now. I appreciate PM for his bold step at this juncture. Some people who resigned may be given some other responsibilities based on their strengths.

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    It doesn't mean anything wrong. If a new minister is appointed, the old minister is supposed to resign and tender his resignation letter formally to the president or Prime minister. Nothing went wrong with Modi Government.
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    It is the prerogative of the Prime Minister to form and manage his cabinet. So he can make any shuffles and readjustments. However what makes the current reshuffle special is not because of taking new faces and young members. That is always welcome. We need a combination of fresh energy and experience to have a balance.
    But so many senior and experienced ministers had to exit, that also without any kind of hint or gossip leaking out- is a rel surprise and leading us to many a guess.
    In fact there was no direct public at most of the outgoing ministers. If there was, that was mostly against the Finance ministry. In the vaccination matter also the general public did not pinpoint Harsh Vardhan, but the opinions were against Modi, AmitShah, Nirmala Sitaraman etc who went on a campaign trail when they were supposed to supervise the Covid situation. Except for Subramania Swamy no key political person has blamed Harsha Vardhan. Similarly most others too.

    However what report card was with Modi we o not know. Actually all talk an dissemination of news was done by Modi only. So there was no chance for the public to know what and how the ministers are doing. The present reshuffle which was long overdue with many vacant and many overburdened ministers. But when it came at last, it is also used as a deflection of criticism coming against key persons and making a feel that the outgoing were responsible for any failures. Thus Modi-Shah including main axis got insulated as the blame got shifted and people to soon forget that.

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    Efficient and hardworking employees are promoted and those employees who don't work properly or harm the company they may be demoted or terminated. This is a simple business. These ministers could not perform as they were expected to perform their duties and responsibilities so they had to resign. Like during second surge of coronavirus Health Minster failed to perform his duty as he was expected to do, so now he is out. I don't think there is anything wrong in this reshuffle. Head of the government has to see who are right people to be included in his team.
    In 2022 five states elections are also coming and the ruling party has to see how to win these elections in different states.

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