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    How to respond to an editor?

    I have a simple query and that is how to contact the editor who kept an article pending? I would like to know this because the editor has asked a question which is given at the end, of the reasons for which the article is kept pending. The link to the article is given below -
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    I think there is a small box just below the main content, where we can write a message or comment or any clarification for the attention of the editor. I once used that. Not very sure whether it is being used by others.
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    If you need a clarification before rectifying and re submitting the pending article, then you can directly send a message to he section editor.

    If you do not know to whom to send, then you may visit this page and contact the editor who handles article section. You may also send a copy of the same to a Lead editor/ ME saying to whom you had intimated. This will help if the other editor is not online and Lead editor/ME can forward to an editor then available.

    If you had rectified the error and re-submitting, but also want to remind or add something as explanation outside the content, then you may use the box below the content before submission.

    Other members cannot see what the editor has given as reasons for pending as it is visible only to the author member to whom it is related.

    Hope this satisfies your query.

    P.S. In the right side bottom of a page you can see'Online members'. There if you click 'more' you can see members available online at that time. If any editor for article section is seen online then the task becomes easy as you can contact that editor.

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    Normally our editors are active enough to get in touch with what ever posted in this site and they would either approve or seek further information in case of articles submission.
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    In the case of articles, the best way to convey a message regarding a specific pending article is to use the message feature that has been provided for this purpose.

    Just below the box of 'Article Body' where you entered the main text of the article, you will see in blue 'Advance Options'. Click on that and a box will open to put in a message to the editors. You will also see below these notes-
    - This information will be visible only to you and admins.
    - If you have any special information/message/question to editors regarding this article, provide it here.
    - If your article is special in some aspects but is not noticeable to editors on a quick review, you can mention it here.

    Submit the article and when the editor reviews it again, the message will be seen. In case you find that somehow the editor missed it or did not understand what you were trying to convey, you can post a response in this thread.

    By the way, as you did here, the forum is the right way to raise an issue, whether a problem or a complaint. Only if it is something very personal or for some reason you do not wish to raise the issue publicly that it is fine to contact an editor (or even the admin. if necessary) directly.

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    1. You can post a PM to the editor if you are a gold member.
    2. You can raise a thread in the forum section itself calling the attention of the editor.
    3. It won't be possible to contact our Managing Editor at any cost. She won't receive any PM from members.
    4. You can contact the Web Master by clicking 'Contact Us'.

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    Thank you everyone for your suggestion.

    Vandana Ma'am, I followed the procedure you mentioned and conveyed the message to the editor.


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