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    What is your take in such a situation?

    Many times people talk to us in a friendly manner but being preoccupied we are not able to listen to them properly and it looks as if we were ignoring or avoiding them and that sometimes creates a lot of misunderstanding in the relations. So better approach would be to frankly tell the person that the mind was busy in some work or was engaged in something very important and may be we could talk later. This may look too straightforward to some people who are in friendship or are co-workers but it would not bring any misunderstanding in between. What is your take in such a situation?
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    Yes, we must tell them the fact when we are engaged in some work. We need to tell them frankly our position without hurting their feelings. In all such situations, we need to revert to them when we are free. I think, taking the initiative to call them later will reduce the chances of misunderstanding. It may hurt them in the first place while telling them our inability but later on if we call them explaining why we couldn't talk the other day will make them understand we value the friendship and it's not ignorance. There must be a good conversation to maintain a friendly relation.

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    The main problem with many of us that we want others to listen to our woes and matters or even issues to which we never give them the proper time. For example if a boss is discussing some urgent issues with other staff, there cannot be any reason to disturb the discussion. But some employees with the curiosity as to what is happening inside would go with one reason or other and they are chided and sent back to the seat. Not every one would be ready to listen to us at the time and place we needed. We have to understand this before proceeding to seek any interaction with others on policy matters,
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    Yes, there is no harm to tell the fact to our friends and relatives that we are busy with some job or we are busy in some official talks. Such an answer could be straightforward and pinching to some extent but ultimately this will be appreciated by our friends and relatives. In the area of our work also, we may find some people interrupting while we are busy in delivering some important message to our coworkers. In that situation, it would not be bad to tell the party to keep mum and he would be attended shortly. If such a frankness is not there, the party would take it granted that we have followed his message completely and might create misunderstanding.

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    In this situation when someone speaks to us when we are busy or occupied somewhere or focussing on any other matter we should stop our activity to listen to him. If we can not give him full attention to what he says then we should ask him to tell us later or if we could not hear him and recalled later then we should approach him to apologise for not listening to him for such and such reason and request him to repeat the same.
    If he is a junior or a servant then he may recontact us, and preferably he should be called to repeat the same.

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    This type of situation will be faced by many of us in our daily life. When we are doing something some may come and start telling us something. We can't stop the work in the middle. So we can't concentrate on hearing the person. Generally. I ask the person who wanted to tell something to wait for a few minutes and then complete the work on hand. Then I will stop doing my work and start hearing the person. This makes the other person also happy and we will also not get disturbed. Sometimes the work on hand may take a long time. In such instances, I will tell him the situation and say that I will come and talk to him once the work on hand is finished. If he is interested he will sit or otherwise we will meet again after completing our works and when we are free.
    But if my granddaughters come what me to pay attention to them, I can't do anything. I have to stop the work immediately and start spending time with them. There is no alternative for this. We have to attend them at any cost. No excuse.

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