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    Do not misuse bestowed rights

    In the midst of our life we come across the opportunities, rights and the responsibilities. While the opportunities are rare and may not be forthcoming often, we have to grab the best as it comes to our stride. While responsibilities are the one step ahead duties bestowed on us keeping in mind our previous performance. But the rights are those great action taking abilities given to a person, who can take immediate decision based on the situation. But no one has the right to misuse the same in the guise that you are alone bestowed with such traits. Any comments ?
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    All of us want rights only not responsibilities. We always fight for our rights but never think of our responsibilities. The constitution has given us some rights and responsibilities also. Let us use both properly. Misusing the right given is very dangerous.
    When we ask our father for some money, if he asks us to take it from his pocket, he has given us a right to take money from his pocket. We should be responsible to take the amount that is exactly needed. If you take more than required that will come under misuse and next time you may not be given that chance.
    We should always perform within the specified limits only. When you have a right, there will be a description for that right and you should be within those limits only. Otherwise, it will be treated as misuse and you will be questioned.
    But when we have the right to make a decision and if we are not taking the decision, that will have a say on our performance and many times not taking a decision will also be treated as a misuse of rights and responsibilities.

    always confident

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    Responsibility and duty or rights cannot be treated as separate from the other. It is true that most of the people fight for their rights and when it comes to duties, they tend to back down. Moving forward in search of opportunities, we may feel at times that our rights are being taken away from us, but this is not really happening. Unless we are party loyal to our duties, the demand for rights is not relevant. This struggle of duty and rights is found not only in the constitution but also in our evening life and society.

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    Yes, many of us are talking about their rights and but not the responsibilities to be performed by them. Whenever there is a fight between the brothers regarding the property distribution and they would talk of the responsibilities of the other parties to be discharged but would not talk of the right for which one is entitled. The brother may remind us of the responsibility of paying the land tax but he would hesitate in sharing the property. This is applicable to many areas where people would remind of our responsibilities but not our rights.

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    In India, every individual has his/her rights provided by constitution as well as duties. You are highlighting about individuals have to bound to the duties while asking for rights. But in India so many people they don't know what rights they are having and how they have to be grabbed if they get curtailed. The government's, the officials and all of them try to curtail our rights. In India, who fight for their rights are less and whatever they get they feel happy with it. So if such thing is set right in our governance then they talk about fullfilling our duties.

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    Redundancy of the same theme or content make threads boring, however, I appreciate the members who make the discussion alive.
    Opportunities, rights and responsibilities are being discussed in this thread. I agree that suitable opportunities rarely come to an aspirant of opportunities. He should be agile and aware of what is happening around in market for job opportunities. He should keep his eyes open to catch suitable opportunities.
    As far as rights and responsibilities are concerned both are intertwined. My rights are responsibilities to my friend and his rights become my responsibilities towards him.
    We should not think about our rights only, rather we should first think about our responsibilities.

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