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    Memorising National anthem rightly

    Except the school children who practice the national anthem daily ,many of us does not know the exact wording and expression. A Gujarat boy has practised and excelled in telling the national anthem of 91 countries with exact wordings and expression. That is incredible memory power and interest to learn many things. Children are always in the fore front of learning and we fail to identify their talent in time. Did you come across such children who are more intelligent and proved to be a national asset in terms of their knowledge ? Please share your feedback.
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    These days children are having many facilities and they have a good exposure. There are platforms to showcase their talents. In earlier days children are not having that much exposure to the outside world. They were completely dependent on their family and teachers. But these days children are having electronic media and they are getting a very good stage there to exhibit their abilities.
    Many music programmes that are coming on various channels are showing children doing wonders. They are having extraordinary talent and they are making good efforts to improve further and winning the hearts of many people.
    In Telugu channel, ETV is the best channel wherein SPBalu was conducting a program called "Padutha Theeyaga Challenge." This programme allowed many children to practice music and exhibit in this programme. This program gave chance to many singers and now many of them are singing for many Telugu films. Many people can sing very nicely. We will be happy when we see those small children singing like seasoned singers.

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    Memorizing national anthem is not big issue and one should not see it as a national asset. Children participating in various creative activities and that bring out inner talent out of them. As said by Dr.Rao through ETV's Padutha teeyaga program conduct previously by SPB brought many talented small children to excel in traditional and modern music. In course of time many of them great singer.

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    The national anthem carries feelings, emotions, unity, peace and harmony. I have heard the national anthem of several countries but Indian National Anthem has amazing charm and attraction which snatches the hearts of listeners.
    The author has mentioned a talented boy of Gujarat who has an excellent memory and has memories of national anthems of many countries. Children have a different and unique talent which can be watched in Talent Hunt programs. I saw a video clip of a small boy. His general knowledge was amazing. He was invited to Aaj Tak to show his talent. He impressed the audience with his extraordinary talent.

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    I appreciate the boy for his amazing talent but won't be able to judge who is more intelligent. Whatever skill one has she/he has to hone it to excel. As Dr Rao has said, children nowadays get good exposure and I am sure somebody focused on this particular talent of the Gujrati boy. There are many such talents and many videos are also available. It all depends on guidance and the willingness of the individual to progress further. I think nobody is less intelligent, it's all about how we perceive them.

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    Why talk about the school children about national anthem. Most of the Indian politicians doesn't know our national anthem, and I am sure if a test is carried out in our parliament or assembly hall, 90 percent MPs and MLAs would fail.
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