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    Should there be a dress code while visiting obituary reference

    It is the practice among the Indians that we visit those families or their kith and kin and express our grief and solidarity with them for having lost the valuable member of the faimily. Is there a particular dress code to observe while visiting a bereaved family. Shah Rukh Khan who made a visit to Dileep Kumar house when he was dead and inquired about the same with Saira Bhanu, he looked more styish in the attire and that became a trolling agenda on the social media. What is your view on this matter, or should we simply wear while attire ?
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    It is true, it is a practice to go and console the kith and kin of the deceased member, There is no special dress code. But we should not get dressed as if we are going for a function or for a beauty contest. Generally, we will go as simple as possible without wearing costly and stylish dresses. Ladies may not wear jewellery and other beauty items. When the other people in grief and if we go as if we are going for a picnic, the deceased family may not have confidence in words which we tell them for consoling them.
    Because of COVID 19, many people stopped going for consoling. Mobiles came in handy. They talk to them over the phone. So the question of dressing will not arise.
    Cinema heroes will give more importance to their appearance irrespective of the occasion what they are going. We can't find fault with them. Their fans will never like to see their heroes in a casual appearance.

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    I don't see any specific dress code in this situation mentioned by the author. The white dress is generally seen in movies when any scene of last rituals is shot and perhaps these actors have become habitual of these trends. There is no specific dress for paying our condolences to concerned people, however, we should wear simple. clothes as we normally wear in our daily life. It does not look nice to see someone wearing a stylish dress while visiting the kith & kin of the deceased. However, I see several people who don't forget to take care of their stylish lifestyle. Who can stop such people?

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    Certainly. The author is perfectly right. Normally people should not wear jari sarees or dhotis when they go for enquiring condolences. I have seen in one house, a man came there in a good dhothi with broaden jari as if he is coming to attend a marriage house. As he is known to me personally I whispered in his ears about this. But he told that he was having all dhothis in such manner only. Then I told him it found better if he come in pant shirt. Similarly this is very important to follow with simple dresses needless with black in color.

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    At such a time, in the film industry, most people are shown in white clothes or dress code, in general, people believe that white clothes are a symbol of peace and this color gives peace to the mind, so maybe people wear white at such times. Follow the dress code but if we see it in normal families it is not possible. After hearing the news of a member's departure from this world, a person does not consider what dress code he should go with. Nor does anyone want to show himself as a stylist at such a time, yet some celebrities who may be themselves take it only as an object of appearance, they are worried that their looks should look good in every media, and maybe that is why they do this. A person is leaving the world, to help his family come out of that grief, there is more need for your words and your kindness, not your outfits or looks.

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