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    Can we train our immune cells to be more aggressive?

    Most of the families are now more worried about immunity and ready to invest and investigate as to how to regain and retain immunity in the members of the family. While immunity in the body is developed naturally, there is a school of thought that immunie cells can be activated to more aggressive level with self determination and persevance. The families are on the look out for food, immune triggering products and fruits that can give best immune build up and fight the causes of diseases more effectively. What is your take on this subject ?
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    The level of confidence is more important. One should have confidence. But it should not be overconfidence. We should have determination. We should say ourselves that we will take all the precautions required and we will eat good food. So we will not get into this problem. That confidence we should have. That will give us immunity more. Confidence is an immunity booster. This suggestion has been given by many expert doctor's. If we don't follow precautions and if we think nothing will happen. that will be overconfidence. That is not good.
    I don't know how aggressive nature will improve immunity. But positive thoughts will definitely increase our immunity levels. So we have to train our mind to be with positive thoughts and we should have the confidence. Hearing positive news and enjoying them will also boost our immunity levels.

    always confident

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    The author has chosen a difficult subject for this thread and though we all talk of increasing immunity but few might be aware about the techniques for it. In our culture our saints and scholars have already enumerated these techniques through Ayurveda and many people believe in that and have reaped its benefits also. It is said that if a person undertakes Yoga and follows the principles of Ayurveda, he can have better immunity then the rest of the people who have a disorderly life. Scientists one day will find the truth in this claim but if we see some of the seniors in our family like grandfather and grandmother then we would find that they were leading a much balanced and disciplined life and probably that was the reason of their good health. They must be having good immune system to fight the external microbes.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has touched upon a difficult subject how one can improve immunity. Most of us are in the habit of excess thinking in the negative way and such thinking produces stress resulting in drop of immunity. Constant stress leads to hypertension, elevation of sugar level, disturbed sleep and other health disorders. We can say that immunity deteriorates with our anxiety inviting life style disorders. If we maintain a correct life style taking care of regularity of our sleep, avoiding spicy foods, taking enough nutrients such as milk, eggs and fruits apart from healthy thinking, there is no reason why we should go in for external support by way of ingestion of certain herbs. We should not overdo with our foods and also take care of your body with the inclusion of physical exercises regularly for at least thirty minutes. Of all, positivity should be the topmost priority.

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    I appreciate the author for raising this issue for discussion. Strong immunity keeps a person protected from most of the diseases. How to improve immunity experts of concerned field can tell us better but what comes in my mind I put it here.
    I think sound health and immunity both are related to each other. So we should take care about our health and should take all positve steps to keep diseases away.
    To keep our health we need:
    - A balanced diet is essential to keep our body healthy. A balanced diet contains various kinds of foods that fulfils the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is adequate.
    - Daily physical exercise is also necessary to keep body fit, especially for office goers who keep on sitting in chairs all the day.
    - Sound sleep is also very necessary for a healthy body. When a person gives complete rest to his body and mind he remains fit and healthy.
    - A tension free life is the most important factor to improve immunity. When a person enjoys his life his mind is always fresh and joyful.

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    Regular and proper practice can make anything possible. Our body is a very complicated mechanism with a great unfathomable 'Original Intelligence'.

    It ironic that we are devoting more attention to artificial attention we ignore our own original intelligence which if properly trained and tuned can contribute wonders many thousand times in quality(if not in quantity). The prof is very clear as the artificial intelligence is developed by the original intelligence only.
    Today I got a small videoclip in WhatsApp. It showed parents training their small infant to do many circus tasks. We can see how resilient the child's body was and how well it takes the training and even pleased to do such tasks which we may not be able to do. The child looked like from one of the East Asian geographies. Probably this kind of 'catching and training them young' maybe common in their country. That is why we see great Gymnasts, martial arts and even athletes from some of those countries.

    I had heard that in earlier days Kings use to grow pretty girls by giving small amount of poisons everyday from their young days. These girls will grow into pretty attractive women , called 'Visha Kanyakas' . Their hole body will carry poison which will be deadly to others but they will be totally immune to the poison. These women were used as spies or for trapping and killing treacherous enemies.
    The principle of vaccination or inoculation is also based on the knowledge that immunity can be developed by training our immune system. Not just body, but mind also can be trained and controlled to function the way we want. Our ancestor Rishis and Paramacharyas knew this.

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