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    Why don't People take care themselves ?

    Why don't People take care themselves ? We all know how place become cloudy during corona time also. People take care when they see policeman or they find any pressure then they try to wear mask and maintaining social distance. Its everybody duty to take care self.

    They do mistakes and when they got corona then start blaming Government , Its not only duty of Government to do all we all need to do our duty and care our family, Precaution is better than cure. If you live then you can enjoy in future .

    Please share your points on this matter friends.
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    Good post from the author. For every small non caring attitude we blame the system and the government and never try to change ourselves. For example we blame on the frequent hike on petrol products but we never given a thought to minimize our travel on the bike or car which use that product. During corona time also there was heavy blaming on the part of people who took heavily on covid management, no hospitals, not medicines and over all the vaccine program. But never given a thought that India is big country with huge population and inclusive cooperation of all the people gives rise to great achievment.
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    That is the main problem these days. The spread of the virus in the second wave is mainly due to this behaviour of the people only. They never know the value of their lives. They have no respect for the lives of other persons also.
    The main reason is carelessness. They feel that nothing will happen to them. They feel that the government is unnecessarily troubling them. They feel that they are immune to all these problems. Even somebody tells them also, they will never take care of themselves. They feel that all these rules for the police. Lack of basing understanding about the problem is also a cause for this behaviour.
    These days I am observing some improvement. The majority of people are using masks. But social distance is not being followed. They are not minimising their movements and travelling in shared autos also without maintaining any distance.

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    A very valid observation by the author. Given freedom people would go out and enjoy outing and travel to all the places as per their liking and also as per their financial conditions. That is basic human nature. Only strict discipline can contain this activity and then these people will start blaming the Govt for their home bound life. It is basic Instinct in all of us to enjoy. Life is a difficult journey and we have to work hard but whenever we get chance we must enjoy and that is the mantra today most of us follow. We are also not bothered for any mishap or unfortunate happening and would simply curse our luck or blame the existing Govt. I do not see any solution to this problem as it is something inherent in the human race. If I do not take my family for outing then wife and children will start complaining that I am not doing good treatment to them. What can we do?
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    I agree with the author that we should take care of ourselves as well as our family members, especially young children because they follow us. They observe us closely what we do. If we forbid our children to smoke cigarettes but we don't practice upon what we teach our children, our teachings will lose weight.
    Last month, a photograph of a CM and his Dy CM of a state was shared on Twitter and CM was not wearing a mask. When the second surge of Corona was on top political gatherings were being held. Are they not behaving like common people?

    I don't know what corona is. Nobody was dying of any disease but corona. Ain't it weird?
    I hardly see anybody following covid19 protocols. People can be blamed for it easily but what about government employees who are neglecting these protocols.
    Union Health Minister has resigned himself. Why? I don't know the exact reason but we may say that he was held responsible for not controlling the second surge of coronavirus.

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