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    These calls are very irritating

    Mobile phones are very useful and we are getting information very fast. We can contact anytime anybody from any corner of the world. Almost all people are having their own mobiles. During the lockdowns, the only way we can contact our near and dear is a mobile phone only.

    But sometimes we are getting irritated with unnecessary and unwanted calls. When we are seriously working, the phone will ring. When we respond, we will be upset to know that it is a marketing call. Initially, we were getting these calls now and then only and mainly from banks. But these days many calls are coming including banks, real estate companies, traders and many more. Sometimes I feel like switching off my phone. Some calls will be identified as spam calls and I will not respond to them. But some are not identified as spam.

    These calls are very irritating and disturb our mood. I like to know the experience of other members also in this subject.
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    Such calls will come when we were expecting some important call or message. It will come when we will be in a vulnerable situation like dining, taking bath etc.when we have to hurriedly rush and take the call. But we will be betrayed. Even the DND does not work in most situations. I used to block each such calls. But then next time the same call will come from another number.
    A person who is in social work, a business person, political worker, elected member etc.cannot restrict to answer calls from known and recorded number. The have to pick any incoming call as they may be genuine also.

    They are thus very properly called 'pesky calls'. A modern day evil.

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    Though marketing calls are strictly prohibited and not allowed, there are every chance of we getting such unwanted called at the wrong time and that cause much of the anxiety. For example I am at the midst of driving and taking turns in the traffic jam the call comes from the unknown number and when I attend the same it is a private bank asking me to open a account and they are ready to come to my place and do the formalities. Irritated over that call I asked that person to come to RP Road signal immediately to finish the formalities. He was so astonished and put the call. What i am trying to say that various methods of marketing are induced to get the new customers and telephone calling is very irksome and we are not ready to attend unknown numbers. Some times we attend those calls may be someone known to us are calling but get fooled.
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    We can not stop these pesky calls which unnecessarily disturb us. These are to be tolerated if you have to keep mobile. I block these numbers immediately, so I dont receive any call from the blocked number but they will not stop they will disturb me by another number then I block it too and this process continues until they have no more number to disturb me. Believe my now I hardly receive any marketing call, probably, they have no more number to disturb me or they have a system by which they might come to know who has blocked their numbers.

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    Pesky calls are really very disturbing and it may appear any time right from the early morning to the late hours of the night. Even if we are in the bathroom, we have to rush to respond it's call immediately thinking the same being a genuine call. There is no way out but to block the same but unfortunately it does not work. We may have a call from a different number but would disturb us until we respond to such calls. This becomes all the more irritating when we are driving our car and we are waiting our turn to start our car after the green signal but unfortunately such an unwanted call appears.

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    There are so many such calls coming and even if we block that number they use the other one in the series as they have so many numbers with them. Nowadays, generally we find some recorded message and then you cannot even tell that person not to ring again. It seems they keep all the phone numbers in the computer and then those numbers are connected automatically one by one and we will be getting ring from the same number after a few days on a regular basis. It is a big nuisance but I do not see any easy solution for that except ignoring them.
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    I agree with the author, such calls are really irritating especially when we are busy with some specific work. There was a time when we used to recognize and avoid such calls by looking at the number, but nowadays the situation is that these marketing calls also come to us from normal numbers and in such a situation it becomes difficult to understand whose numbers are these. It is also unlikely that we will stop picking up calls from unknown numbers as some calls are important too. Its only solution is that as soon as it is understood that it is for advertising, then cut it immediately, because such a caller has the art that they can keep you tied in their talk and your time will be wasted.

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    Just a few days ago, my aunt was venting out about numerous calls that started coming in recently throughout the day. I told her about the DND feature, and looked up the number to which SMS can be sent to block such calls. For me, DND has worked. The only marketing call I get now about once in a few months is from a domain service that I have registered with, but that anyway gets blocked by TrueCaller and so I don't have to answer it. I would advise everyone to use the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature of your mobile service operator and also install TrueCaller (this latter advice was given by an ISC member some years ago and it has proved to be a major asset).

    For Vodafone DND this is the website-
    For Vodafone SMS - type START (space) 0 (the number zero) and send it to 1909 (this is a toll-free number). This will block all calls or you can use the number for specific categories that you are ok with getting calls about.

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    Generally, I do not get irritated by these calls and try to take every call. But if any unwanted caller is calling again and again than I do not take his call. Sometimes I also block his number. After some time they stop calling themselves. However, I have never used DND facility on my mobile.

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