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    What are the benefits of social media platforms?

    Last month I visited FB after more than a year. I am not at all an active user of social media nor do I spend time browsing such platforms. At one time I used to check out my college friends' posts when they would inform me about a photo or video that they had uploaded. Even that no longer really interests me. In fact, whenever I met my friends, sooner or later the conversation would veer to whether they had seen so-and-so's travel photos or an update of some recent happening in their life. Me, I prefer to simply pick up the landline and call!

    I know some people are so attached to FB, Instagram, and whatnot, it reaches the point of addiction, something that has been discussed in our forum quite often. I would like to know what are the benefits? I know you can sometimes locate a school or college batchmate or an office colleague or even a travel acquaintance and it understandably creates a lot of thrilling moments. Anything else that you have discovered is a plus point of either browsing or interacting with others on social media?

    Footnote- I have been getting a lot of FB friend requests from ISC members. Please do not take offense if I don't accept it. As I indicated, I am inactive there so there is no point really in sending such requests.
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    The basic purpose of social media was to connect with friends, relatives, and other people on the go. It became hit immediately and giants like FB, Instagram, WhatsApp emerged out of nowhere to become multi million industry. People soon started to use it for business purposes also. Some used it for simply sharing their work with others to get applauds.

    The interesting thing about social media is that you have to have only a device like a mobile and data available in it and you can connect with the people on 24/7 basis.

    Those who use it for business purposes might be encashing their presence in it but all others who are simply addicted to it are wasting their valuable time. Some people are so crazy that every event in their lives they share in social media and when people like it or comment on it they feel proud by seeing the large number of likes and comments. Of course they must be reciprocating with other people's post, otherwise they would not get the expected likes.

    Only a few people who know how to use these platforms for making money, are benefitted by it and all others are simply addicted to it and passing their time. For many it is a hobby.

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    Social Media is a big entity that is growing up every day and also it has become a big threat to the mainstream. media. Facebook is one of them which the author has written about. It unites old friends together but I am not very active on FB, sometimes, I visit there. I don't think we should share our personal information on any social media platform but the young generation is crazy about different social media platforms.
    I like YouTube where someone can find videos on any topic of interest. I visit there to watch current affairs, news, debates, a treasure of knowledge and fun etc.

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    Those who have the niche to create something new and want to share with others and get over joyed are the main reason people hooking to social media. For example house holds are finding ample time in the afternoon and they try different cookery recipes and upload the same even with good narration. Such videos are very educative and helpful to others. One of my relative daughter has posted over dozen cookery recipes of easy make and she narrated her doing in Tamil and that was without editing and that kind of natural videos are liked by the people. School children are having ample time these days and they are trying for new things through video activities be it painting, drawing, project works, outing and cookery. All these are helpful to normal people who are not aware of the same. So social media is befiting much these days.
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    It is definitely very interesting to be hooked to the different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, What's app if you have some brilliant ideas to be conveyed to your friends and relatives. Normally, ladies have some times in the afternoon and they like to pass their times with some pleasurable activities including their latest preparation of recipes both veg and non-veg and if you comment these being excellent, they will be highly be obliged to you for your such appreciations. Even I have been greatly benefited with videos showing the preparations of mutton, chicken and recipes of matar - paneer and the recipes as suggested by the senders are finally prepared myself to discover the true taste of such recipes. You Tube is definitely doing its job in enriching the knowledge of the audience in the different areas of your interest.

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    One other benefit of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, What's app is you can contact directly to a brand or any manufacturer also. If they are not replying to your email or are not available at phones. You can write messages on their social media platform and mostly they reply instantly and take immediate action. I have used it several times.

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    Yes, YouTube is very useful for not just recipes, but also when you need guidance on something and it is easier to understand through a video rather than reading lengthy text. I have used it for understanding some blog features and sometimes a friend or acquaintance may share a video of an interesting talk by a well-known speaker. There are also lovely music videos that one can tune into alongside doing some work.

    Umesh spoke about business purposes. I think LinkedIn (again, something that I am not active on) provides a wonderful opportunity to get a job as potential employers may check out your profile and find your qualifications and expertise suitable for a position that is open in their company.

    Dr. Deepali provided new insight, something that most of us are unlikely to have thought of- leaving a message for a company about some product of theirs that you purchased and are not happy about.

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    One advantage I found is that very famous personalities also have their page on Facebook and they can be contacted on that page and get direct answers from them.
    Two very famous people who tell Pravachanas in the Telugu States are having their pages on FB. We can ask them our questions regarding the subject and they answer them.
    Our ISC webmaster also has his own page on FB and can contact him directly on that page.

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