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    Why we focus more on politics and not the policies?

    Maybe we like to discuss politics everywhere. Be it the news channels or various social media platforms people like to discuss the activities of the politicians and make their own predictions. We also raise some threads at times after any recent political development and include our own observations in those threads. The news channels also do the same thing where they always focus on their own opinions as if that is the truth. If we apply our sense in all these issues we can form our own opinion but I am not sure how many are really doing that. In this melee, the focus becomes more on the political parties and the politicians and the main issue is sidelined. The attention remains more on who said what and unnecessary controversies are created. Why can't we keep aside the political parties and the ministers and focus on the policies formulated by them? Focusing on policies will make us progressive but discussing only politics will take us nowhere. Members, what do you think?
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    Main reason is that most of us are followers of any politcal party or political ideology or political leader. These people don't want to see spokesperson of their favourite party to be defeated in debate. There is no discussion except refuting each other by blaming, using abusive language and changing the topic. The role of anchor of main stream media is quite hilarious. I don't see these debates on news channels as it is sheer waste of time.
    However, I watch YouTube channels and their debates where all participants give us knowledge about the topic of the day. They don't interfere each other and anchor does not ask another question until reply is completed.

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    Any issue if we see based on the merits and demerits of the issue, we will have a better understanding and we can make a correct analysis. But any time an issue comes, the first question we will ask is who did it. Once that "Who" is known our analysis will be different.
    The same is the case with policies also. The ruling party brought a new bill and all supporters will try to project the advantages of the issue and give the best mark possible. The supporters of the opposition will start projecting the disadvantages. Both will have a biased opinion only. We should forget our affiliations and see the issues on their usefulness only. But that will never be done.
    Even if a teacher values the answer sheet after seeing the name of the student the award of marks will be different. If no name is there we will find an unbiased valuation only. I think this is the reason students are asked not to write their names anywhere in the answer sheets.

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    Yes this is a fact.

    This is mainly because we tend to act in accordance to our ideologies. If we are in favor of certain ideologies then we are going to support it no matter what.

    vis-a-versa if we are not in favor of certain ideologies then we are not going to support it no matter what.

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    Politicians will do politics because it is their profession and if they come in power then they will formulate policy also. Now the crucial point is that when they formulate policies they are not able to get them implemented due to various factors. Some of the factors are that the machinery below is corrupt and they follow the policies in their own selfish ways. Another factor could be that the politicians who have reached the top might not be honest and could not force the people down below to follow the policies strictly. In that situation we the gullible voters are confused and helpless and except following someone blindly we have nothing else in our hands. It is a miserable situation, but is existing around us.
    Knowledge is power.

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