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    Do not lock your likes and dislikes.

    Those who do not have their interests will not have a satisfying life. Our desires or desires are not wrong unless they harm or hinder the freedom of the other. It is a must to get trained to live with saying our likes and dislikes openly. The younger generation, who are only obedient and submissive from an early age, will slowly trigger to forget their desires. The reaction will be indifference or denial when he realizes that his words are worthless.

    It is equally wrong to live only to obey the commands of others and to reject the suggestions of others altogether. It is the same with having no interests of one's own and locking up your likes. If one insisted on focusing only on their interests, it is diehard. Adjusting to circumstances is a skill.
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    Balancing between our likes and dislikes has become a difficult task for many reasons. Likes are our unlimited desires emanating out of our mind and soul and there is no end card and some times our likes are beyond reach and cannot even think of it in real time. For example my like is have the space travel and want to see India from the other angle. That is too much asking from me cannot be achieved. Likewise we want many things in life which is beyond our control reach and enjoy. Likewise dislikes are many and these things would pile up when the asking things are not forthcoming and when we have some hatred with some one we dislike them. One thing is sure we cannot live with more expectations or less desire, like wise too much asking and no dislikes. Our life needs to even and and going with normal behavior.
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    Everybody is free to have his likes or dislikes and there is nothing wrong with it. Nobody has any right to force other people to like or dislike things or activities that he likes and dislikes.
    However, these likes or dislikes that are related to someone should not be proven pesky for others as nobody likes that he should be disturbed by any other person.
    Some people are strange creatures whose likes are dislikeable. I read that many people eat everything because they like to eat everything. I hope you might have watched their obnoxious videos consuming different kinds of reptiles, insects, snakes, frogs and animals. Even some retarded people are man-eaters.
    Have you heard about naturists? They like to live without clothes because they think that men/women come into this world naked and it is in their nature to be naked. You may watch their photographs or videos. They like to be naked, they don't care if you like or dislike their like.

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    In general we have so many desires in life. Some of the desires that what we have to imagine only in dreams but not in reality. If we pile up such desires in mind we never fulfill our ego and this leads discouragement life. So it is better to think of reachable or amiable desires that you may work on to succeed in life.

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    A very good suggestion has been given by the author, when we like to live our life according to our own then it is natural that other people want the same and if we like to do something then maybe others like something else. It is wise to keep your likes or dislikes to yourself only when you start imposing your likes on others then problems start. Even if you are giving some advice about other people thinking well, then to an extent, no one likes coercive advice. Nowadays every person takes decisions about himself and in such a situation, when someone interferes more, then relations only get sour, so keep the sweetness of life and relationships and do not get caught in the mess of liking disliking.

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    The author has given a very interesting suggestion that life should be enjoyed according to our choice. Sometimes, we may be disturbed because of some requests of our friends of singing a song on some special occasions for which, we may not be ready immediately, though we can manage the show with our participation. We may request our friend not to include our names since we are simply good for being bathroom singers and our friends would not agree to it. Finally we need to honour their requests. Acceptance of such proposals sometimes create stress in our lives. Hence we should not give so much priorities of our friend's requests. Lead your life as you wish sometimes so as to make our lives enjoyable.

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    Likes and dislikes are existing in every human in the society. But to maintain these is everyone's life is quite impossible. We all are social animal ,we have to live with others in the society. So we have to adjust our activities in such a way that does not hampered others in the society. So the binding discipline i.e. the rules which regulate human's conduct does not always get permission to everyone's to express or conduct their all likes and dislikes. However the author has already mentioned regarding harmful affect of the others.
    Now likes and dislikes in general sense are always not conducted by someone's according to their capabilities even it does not harm others. One can see , that his father has no choice or likes or dislike. Because he always maintaining a simple living, he used to go to office by public bus, wearing simple dress , using 2nd class train journey etc. But in the other side , his wards, spouse are always using private taxi, AC train/Flight journey, high shopping expenses etc. Is that means father has no likes and dislikes?

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    Living as per others orders or desires is a misery and given a choice no one would go for it. We must live our lives as per our liking or disliking. Like a free bird. In real life situation sometimes we are forced to follow others due to family or society compulsions but that is for a short period only as finally one has to live as per ones ways and not as per the dictated terms. The freedom in this regard is the most precious thing in our lives.
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    Every individual will have his own likes and dislikes. But sometimes when we are in a group we may have to oblige and maintain. But we can't do it always. We may have to say we don't like it.
    During my career in an Organisation, we used to have get-togethers. In that, some people used to force others to have a drink. Many friends tried the same with me also. I have no liking for drink or smoke. I openly told them and never succumbed to the pressure. Even in one get-together, our MD participated and to him also I told him I don't like drinking and smoking and then he stopped pressurising me. We have to live for ourselves and always we can't go for pleasing others. Sometimes we may have to show their place also. We should not allow others to take a ride on us. But when we are young and if our well-wishers and elders are advising us, we can think of changing our like or dislike in that matter based on the issue.

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