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    Is it good to have technical education in regional languages?

    Till now most of our higher education especially scientific and technical occurred in English. But at present, there is a wave that technical education should be in our regional languages. UGC and the present government strongly supporting this view. To change technical education into regional languages, it needs so many changes in the present education system. Translation of Textbooks, Computers, and gadgets have to be modified to give an output in regional language, and more importantly, the teaching faculty have to adapt to new terminology in their local language. Some well-developed countries like Russia and China have adopted this system of education in their own language and they succeeded. But in India, there are so many local languages are there and is it be possible here.

    Actually learning education in local language started from our generation itself in 1975. AP state government in 1975 introduced all group subjects like Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Economics, etc. should be taught in both English and Telugu languages. Students who are feared of English used to join in Telugu medium. But the technical terminology used in Telugu medium appears to be so difficult than English words. Lecturers also mostly used to teach in English words only and only using some common Telugu language. Slowly many colleges discarded this Telugu medium at present and ran sections in English medium only. Why this failure? What are the solutions for it? Have a thoroough discussion on this issue.
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    There are so many languages in our country and they are spoken and used in quite an extensive and respective areas. It is possible to make the medium of the teaching even in technical courses in the local languages, only problem is that the student will also have to learn the English version as English today is not a sign of slavery of the Britishers but is an international language accepted in almost over the globe. So students should be prepared to take the extra load of learning things in both the languages. Teaching community should also cooperate and if there is a will to honour and respect ones local language then collectively we can achieve this and there is not a big deal there. Most of the places translations are already available and basic material is ready in the respective states and only thing is to implement it wholeheartedly.
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    I think technical education through regional languages is not a good idea and uncalled for. English is the International language through which all education made possible and technical education is something which has the basics in English, the formulas expressed in English and therefore tranforming them to regional language is not going to yeild any benefit. May be the respective states may have the say in promoting their language because they promised in the election manifesto but how far it is going to help the students and the institutes which cannot give employement to the regional language qualified courses.
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    I am not for it. When we go for higher studies in technical subjects, we should be aware of what is happening around the world in that subject should be known to us. We should be able to read the papers published and should be able to understand the same. If we study in our regional language, it will be a problem for us to understand the developments.
    If people want to go abroad and read, the medium of instruction will become an important point and people who studied in local languages may not be given preference there. Many students after their studies may go for jobs abroad. But people who studied in the local language may not be given preference. So they will be denied some good chances of getting employed abroad.
    Many students from IITs go abroad and settle. So if the government wants to stop those people from going out and want them to serve the country, they can introduce Hindi medium and see there what is going to happen?

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    The basic idea in the term education in regional languages is normally mis-spelt in nowadays. Recently there was an announcement from state government authorities that the name boards on the road should contain in the vernacular language on the top. But I am seeing the names in the vernacular name they wrote in the language with the translated version but without transliterated. For example, Ramya Dress Center is the name of the shop instead of writing the name as such in the vernacular language, they wrote as 'Ramya kapdaaoam maiyam'. Similar to this the technical education in regional languages they do not mean total translated version but the names of machines or formulae can be used as such but needless to translate actually. Similarly in many colleges the teachers or lecturers are not making the students to understand the subject by explaining in the regional languages but taking the classes as if they are just coming down from foreign countries. The explanation of the formulae or theorems or subjects can be given the teacher or lecturer in the regional language so as the ordinary student can understand the subject. There should not be just like that aanaikku arram kudiraikku gurram.

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    Every person can be relatively more knowledgeable in the regional language, but it is not considered more appropriate to make it the medium of technical education because technical knowledge itself means moving with the times i.e. adopting new dimensions and changing oneself according to the new demand. Technological development is an important part of society and we always move with technology, so if it is limited at the regional level then there can be problems when the time is to keep up with the world. If we look at the linguistic level, there is a huge ocean of languages ??in our world and among all the languages, English has been chosen as the language that becomes the medium of conversation between different linguistic people. So I believe that the most appropriate way is to promote technical knowledge in English itself.

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    On 8th of this month our PM held a virtual conference with heads of 106 centrally sponsored institutions and he emphasized that Engineering technical education must be carried in regional languages. Earlier UGC also proposed this and it started implementing it.

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    If education is given in regional language, it will be appreciated by all. Reason is obvious that everybody finds himself comfortable to understand what is taught to him. In several countries education is provided in their local language. In France, Russia, China, Germany etc they prefer to do so. However, it is very difficult in India as hundreds of languages are spoken in this country. But it is possible if content of books is translated in prominent and widely spoken indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada etc.
    English is very sweet language but everybody 's mother tongue is sweeter than English.

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