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    Why can't we raise a question on these offerings?

    Whenever we go to any temple or place of worship, from almost everywhere we get something in the form of prasad, which we accept as God's prasad. At that time most people don't think whether the prasad they are eating is pure or not, because they believe that prasad is directly given by God.

    Even if someone questions its purity or hygiene, he is silenced by saying that this is God's prasad which is the purest than anything, so eat as just as given. But now the time is changing and the new generation expects a logical answer to everything. It would not be a wise decision to harm the body in the name of God's prasad/offering.

    The same God we worship has made us so capable that we can think to raise some questions and get answers. People are also drinking the water flowing in the rivers as pure water and the same few people are engaged in making the same water dirty by washing clothes, taking bath in the river, etc. God does not ask for any kind of compromise with purity and hygiene then why people afraid to raise questions in this matter.
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    Only belief counts here. When our mother or some family members gives us some food we will eat without thinking or questioning about the purity of the food. We never ask our mother whether she made that properly and how pure it is? In the same way, people developed confidence in the preparations made by priests in temples and eat the prasad without thinking about hygiene and purity. But when the prasad is made by private parties and we have no confidence in their preparation we need not eat that and nobody will pressurise us.
    In many temples, free lunch is served. People who have no objection to eat will go and eat there and people who are not interested may not eat. Some people belonging to some religions may not eat the prasadam offered by other religions. It is all the will and wish of the individual.

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    Usually in temples, the prasad prepared will be under careful observation of preists and temple management. So people have a trust in it. Big temples like Tirumala where the prasad will be prepared by preists under hygienic and strict rules and regulations. The meals prepared in this temple in a fully hygienic and they use big machines without involving manually. So in such cases we can believe the purity of prasad. But sometimes in Ganesh procession, Durga festivals processions, people bring some pulihora or laddu and distribute them. These things are privately made and we can't trust them and we can avoid such things.

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    Why we go to a temple or the place of worship. We need divine intervention as we are disturbed through some matters that bothered us much. To seek solace we go to these places and even seek resting for few minutes in the tranquil atmosphere. And temple is the place of purity of prayers. and what ever distrubuted there is called the giving of the Lord. For example the Tirupathi Laddu is very famous and it is a big factory called Srivari Pottu is being operated round the clock with Mirasidars, that means the heriditary cooks of Laddu makers and only they are eligible to enter the place and instead of salary they are given the Laddus as the prasad and they would sell the same outside. And what ever prepared inside the temple complex is the God given prasad which we cannot refuse and that is treated as sacred and more auspicious too.
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    Well, if you wish you may always raise questions and the questions must be directed to the proper authority. Just like you will ask for clarifications about something from the person dealing with the task the same thing is applied here. One has to be logical always which cannot be dependent on generations. Nobody is forcing you to have anything and whenever there is a doubt you should clarify it. Faith is a factor here that must be taken into account and you may say it's something like a positive attitude. We have faith that something good is going to happen and not the reverse. We do the same thing when we have a positive frame of mind, isn't it? At the same time if you do not question you will never know. So, learn from the correct source.

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