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    Misconception over the gender still exists

    Many present ladies presumed that the female gender is insulted or under estimated as inferior gender. But as for as India concerned this is wrong concept and those who are telling like this are just ignorant. We, Indians are treating the female gender as superior than anything. We termed the language of one's own as Mother tongue, one's land as mother land etc.,

    Swami Vivekananda once was talking amidst youngsters. One person in the crowd asked him why he was giving more respect to ladies. Swami instead of replying him in words, asked to come near him and tide his belly with a medium sized stone with rope and asked him to wait till he call him back. After half an hour he called him but the man with stone found so tired without holding the stone on him. Swami Vivenkananda told him to realize the ladies who hold a child in her womb for nearly ten months as it is not possible to a man even for half an hour.

    Adi Shankara clearly explained a mother's role in his 'Mathru Shodasi' through which a mother's role can never be equalized even a fraction is clear.
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    I read a story on a website that a woman had one eye only. His only son would not love his mother because of her being one eyed-woman. He did not like to see his friends to know about his mother. He always felt embarrassment because of her. When he married he did not like his children to meet his mother.
    Before her death this hapless mother wrote a letter to him.

    To the smile of my life,

    My dearest son I think of you all of the time
    I'm sorry that I came to Singapore and scared your children. I was so glad when I heard you were coming for the reunion. But I may not be able to even get out of bed to see you.
    I'm sorry i was a constant embarrassment to you when you were growing up.

    You see... when you were little, you got into an accident and lost your eye. As a mother i could not stand watching you having to grow up with one eye. So I gave you mine. Seeing a whole new world for me in my place with that eye

    With my love to you

    Your Mother

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    The author shared the esteem of the ladies and their patience and preparedness for the ultimate aim of life cannot be questioned nor thought by the men. While men do the work at office and then retire to their rooms after returning home. the household women has to prepare food and should be very busy till the end of the day and by the time she returns to the bed it is already midnight. This is the actual happening in every home and the hard work done by the women at home cannot be compared with men working at office. And there is no rest all through the year, there is no salary and yet they work over time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The things that have been said by the author in respect of women are all valid, but the relation of words written in books or quotes that are written on stones, etc. is limited to that only. The situation has become very good from the past, but the sad thing is that even today in some cases women are seen as helpless, and it is believed that women always need someone with them. The respect that the author has wanted to give through mother tongue, the motherland is commendable, the above story is an example of a mother's love but still, the country is still patriarchal and probably always will be. If women are seated on the seat of respect on one side, on the same side women are still exploited in many families, then they are advised to bear it. When boys tease girls, girls are also advised to ignore them. I am not saying that the condition of girls is very bad but it is also true that even today women should be treated as ordinary human being more than respected in society.

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    There is no doubt that until the women are respected in a society, the society would not progress. Most of the people know this fact and abide by it. Unfortunately there are some evil elements who take advantage of women by torturing or troubling them and due to that some people get this misconception that women are being treated differently. So, what I believe is that the people who insult or torture women on one pretext or other should be severely punished so that others should also be away from doing such offences. To that matter it is the duty of the state to form strict rules and then follow them religiously.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The role of the women has been commendable in all the fields. They are supporting their families with a great zeal day and night. She does not mind to get up from the bed at 5.30 am for the preparation of breakfast for her kids joining the schools by 6.30 am. She is with her until the kids depart for the schools by bus. Then it is the turn of her husband going to office and so she is busy in cooking his breakfast and lunch. This is a continuous cycle for every day. She always thinks for her family all the time sometimes forgetting her own shares while doing her jobs. If she is a working women, she discharges her duty with the full dedication. She does not leave her job half finished and that is why she is treated as a responsible worker. A family cannot progress without her contribution. Even her role for the development of the society has been commendable when we see them working as teachers, professors etc. She does not mind working for extended hours in hospitals in the roles of a doctor. We need to respect them for their whole hearted cooperation in nurturing the society.

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    Our culture gave respect to ladies. Maa Shakthi is the superior Goddess as per Hindu mythology. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara got their strengths through Maa only. So without her even these three can't perform their duties. That is what our epics say.
    A mother will always want her children to be happy. She will be ready to do anything for their happiness. There is no second word about that.
    But if we see in the society how many people are respecting ladies. We hear about the abuse of ladies by young male persons. We have seen people throwing acid on the faces of beautiful girls. Unless otherwise, such issues are stopped we can't say that we are respecting ladies and they are treated properly.
    Another issue is ladies fight among themselves in houses. We hear many issues involving mother in law and daughter in law. Those disputes may make them lose respect and value.

    always confident

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