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    Even a small step taken at the right time can prove to be a big one.

    Some people get frustrated by the difficulties of life, and there are others who make themselves stronger after every hardship or struggle. Such strong people challenge the problems of their life like themselves and want to end every problem. I am going to talk about one such person, the auto driver of my nieces and nephews. Last year, when the schools were closed due to the lock-down, he did not accept despair but immediately started a new work, since all the shops were not even opening at that time, so he arranges necessary grocery items in his house, and started supplies to their surrounding homes, thus at that time it did not seem that he would be able to do it so well but his art supported them and now he has his own small grocery shop. Along with this, he is also working as an auto driver for some families. He is more than 55, but still has the courage to fight with any problem I really respect him for his courage.
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    The author has given the change in life in the lives of many during the trying times. For those there is no ray of hope from anyone they mend their ways with some alternate source of income and that would become the big life changer in the future. Many of the teachers who lost the teaching jobs taken to organic farming and selling farm fresh vegetables through their vehicles and thus become more famous in the vacinity and good support from the famlles who are also never minding giving advance for the week to fetch the vegetables and fruits. So covid situation changed the many lives.
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    That's correct and a good example is provided in this thread. Without remaining worried and losing hope the auto-rickshaw driver looked for other options of earning and tried his venture and became successful. Even if he was unsuccessful in that venture he would have tried something else other than a grocery store. The thing is to move ahead in any situation and for that one has to accept challenges and must take the first step. Rather than keeping on thinking big taking the first small step is always important.

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    Whether it is a small step or big one, the timing is a crucial factor. It is also to be noted that no work is inferior or menial. Actually any work which provides a livelihood to a person is important. Hardships will come in our ways during the journey of life and we have to take some decisions time to time. But we should not be carried away by the false prestige or show off and take the things considering their practical worth. Intelligent people are able to take timely decisions and it is also true that even a small thing done in time can fetch us significant returns.
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    Time of action is very important. What is the use, if the medicine is administered after death. If you give medicine when the ailment is just started, curing the same may not be difficult. But once it has become chronic, the same medicine may not work.
    Sometimes, we may not be able to decide what action is to be taken. Meanwhile, somebody will take the lead and overtake us and we will be left behind. So we should start on time. While progressing also we can try to change the way and think of making amendments to get to the top. But the timing is very crucial.

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    It is not a matter of praising too much about the driver, I think he should be praised that he is a responsible father to his issues and a responsible husband to his wife. During a pandemic, many people lost their jobs which were their only sources of income. Obviously, a jobless person will look for any other source of income to feed his family and bear all expenses. Many people like him opted for other ways to earn money.
    One of my relatives who was earning a good salary lost his job He returned to his home town and he has purchased clothes in bulk from Delhi and he has changed his drawing-room into a shop.

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