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    Do not be in a hurry through the bends in your life

    Life is full of struggle and sometimes is even lined with thorns. We have to tread cautiously. Sometimes the path of life will appear as straight and journey would be comfortable but sometimes some bends will come which would slow down us in many respect as it is not advisable to follow them blindly as we do not know what lies ahead. So, the prudence says that stop, pause, ponder, use your experience, and take advices of well wishers and then only proceed shead with due care and precautions. What do you think of this approach?
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    Good piece of advice from the author. We do get challenges and problems during the course of time of our life and we should not get bowed down through the failures which are nothing but stepping stone to further winning of life. And we should not hurry on any matter be it good or bad. By giving more time to the issues and matters , we are going to have deep thoughts on the same and the decision would be formidable and cannot be questioned. Those decisions taken in haste are always gone on waste. Next time we have to consult ourselves, our well wishers and above all take decisions timely.
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    That is true. We should not be in a hurry always to take decisions and implement them. We should think about the whole issue and think of the various option before you. Then analyse each option and finally fix the correct option. Many times we go fast and adopt some way in a hurry and finally, we will land in trouble. So it is never advisable to be in a hurry.
    But at the same time, you can't sit on the issue for more time and lose the chance. As time passes the issue will become more complicated. So a stitch in time saves nine. A timely decision and action will only make you successful. This point we should not forget.

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    It is correct. Whenever there is a bend we need to be more cautious. You can see the path if it's a straight line but if it's not straight or if there is not enough light you need to move cautiously. Our past experiences can be helpful but if required we need to take someone's help. We need to remain alert and analyze the situation while treading.

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    Life is not a bed of roses. It is full of thorns for most of us. I agree with the author that we should be cautious while treading on the path as we don't know what ahead lies which may harm us in any form. We have to keep ourselves protected from all expected and unexpected harms while walking on this path. But we should not be apprehensive against expected or unexpected dangers in our lives, else it will become hell for us. We can not live a happy life and our heart will always feel fear of getting inflicted with any harm. It may create psychological problems also. What I have learnt from my life and experience of others is that we should not afraid of any danger, rather, we should remain alert with open eyes to face any expected and unexpected challenge. The most important point we should keep in our minds is that we have to face all challenges ourselves. We should not rely on others at all.

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    A beautiful idea has been presented by the author, it is true that every person's life is a struggle, the only difference is that everyone's struggles and challenges are different, but even though these struggles are different, our fight with them is the same. Only when we act with wisdom and maintain our self, can we move forward successfully on this path full of struggle. Some people get nervous and get frustrated quickly but disappointment is our biggest obstacle and we have to keep it away from ourselves. The author's advice that we should proceed using our experiences is the best advice.

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    Life for all of us is not the straight path but it is full of ups and downs. We are overexcited to see that success has been achieved while doing a job but the same result is not forthcoming in the next time making us frustrated. Every time the job is challenging and each job has its own formula for getting success. We will have to study the different points minutely prior to undertaking the job. We would be required to sort out the probable impediments coming on our ways. We have to gear up ourselves to tackle all such critical points. Patience, determination and full familiarity with the techniques can provide us success.

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