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    Word pairs Tri-series ONO challenge - 2

    There were quite a few interesting entries submitted for the first in the series of the Word pairs Tri-series ONO challenge. It has been decided to give cash credits as well, and not just points as previously announced, for the entire series. Let's move on to the second challenge.

    Series Theme 1: Nature

    What you have to do: In a response to this thread, submit a write-up with word pairs that are related to nature - flora and fauna, water bodies, something in the sky, etc, and can be abstract elements of nature as well.

    The Rules:
    1. You can submit only one entry. Do not submit creative stories or poems, but a general writeup in English.
    2. The writeup should begin with the word pair and end with the same word pair in the reverse order (e.g. if the word pair is sky and sea, it should end with sea & sky). It should be grammatically correct at the beginning and at the end and remember to retain the singular/plural format.
    3. The additional challenge here is to also include one word (not more than one) before each of the two words in the word pair. You need not use just the word 'and' for the word pair. You can use anything that fits in and retains grammatical correctness. For example, Stormy seas with black skies can be the start of the writeup, and it can end with black skies above stormy seas.
    3. The write-up should not exceed 15 sentences. Do not extend the text with needless usage of punctuation or 'and', 'but', and the like or be repetitive. You may correct mistakes in your entry at any time before closing time, but do not change the word pair selected and should retain the general core of the writeup.

    Last date to submit entries for Series 2: 14th July 2021 (this date will not be extended).

    If you require any clarifications, you can submit your queries in a response to this thread only. Please remember to read the rules carefully and stick to the theme given. Also, kindly make some effort to check and correct English grammar and spelling. Those who did not participate in the first of the series are welcome to participate in this one, but will not be eligible for the bumper prizes that will be given to the winners on the basis of the tally of points across the series.
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    My nature word pair: Rain ,Water

    Pouring rain and flowing water are always co-existent. When the rains are light or just drizzles there may not be a flow. But small puddles of water will form. However in a torrential downpour the water collects at every place possible on exposed surfaces. Then start flowing in the direction of unobstructed lower level on the ground. The flow will continue even after rain stops. As a child, I used to enjoy watching how water flowed by the channels I created on the wet land using my hands or small sticks. I used to follow this flow or lead by channelizing the stream to reach and collect at some pit in our backyard or the drain on the roadside. As my mother used to scold me for playing while it rained, I usually played with the flowing water after pouring rain.

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    My nature's word pair : Wind & Sea

    Stormy wind and rough sea makes us to feel sea sickness. Generally, when the sea is calm, sailing used to be a joyful journey for both the crew of the ship and the passengers onboard the ship. One can sit and enjoy the beautiful sea and the sky with the cool breeze. Especially during the early morning and the evening, the weather would be very pleasant. We can have a pleasant time by sitting on the forecastle deck or the quarter deck of a ship. When the sea is rough with strong wind, the ship rolls and pitches heavily that makes us difficult to walk without holding the guard rails or any hand grips available. Most of us vomit the food taken. Many of us feel head ache. Many won't get up from the bed. Sleeping would be a great problem. People without sea sickness will feel pity on people with sea sickness. People with sea sickness would lose their weight very badly. Though the crew may be fit enough to face the rough weather conditions, it is very difficult for a common passenger to cope up with the situation. Many people skip the food as they are unable to consume due to bad stomach. Therefore, to have a pleasant and peaceful voyage, we should avoid taking sea passage during rough sea and stormy wind.

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    Heavy rain and dark night are very fearful. I always avoid going out in such a situation.
    Even in the house if we are alone, we will have a very difficult time. These days our cell phones are coming in handy in such situations.

    Once I had a bitter experience. I was in a lodge and in midnight power went off. Heavy rain outside making huge sounds and nothing was visible. The lodge took almost 10 minutes to put on its generator and I experienced hell during those 10 minutes. Even my mobile was a little away from the bed. I couldn't sleep for the whole night with a fear that the power may go again and the rain continued. I searched for the matchbox and candle and kept them near my bed.

    I think many of you might also have a bitter experience with dark night and heavy rain.

    always confident

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    Word pair: Winds and Rainfall

    Turbulent winds with heavy rainfall are the features of a cyclone, a natural calamity. The word 'nature' usually strikes a sweet note to the ears and emotions of living beings, but at times, when nature reveals its furious side, it's scary for humans and other beings. Cyclone or just uninterrupted rain is one of the examples that highlight the fury of nature. The landfall of a cyclone followed by torrential rain devastates a large surrounding. The loss of lives, livelihoods and properties are the parts of devastation. Such damages are difficult to overcome, and beginning afresh becomes a daunting task for the residents near the affected sea areas. The whole scenario is frightening, and people who face such troublesome times have nothing to cling to other than some aids from the government and social workers. During the last few years, India's many coastal areas were immensely affected due to cyclones like Fani, Amphan, Yaas, Tauktae that shattered lives. Hence, nature does not offer only beautiful, eye-soothing, and romantic pleasure through its widespread water bodies, landforms, dew, forest and more, but nature can also ravage through a flood, storm, volcano eruption, earthquake and so on. Nature's fury establishes the fact that life is uncertain. It can wreak havoc at any time in the lives of living creatures, and people might not be able to stop nature's catastrophe, but definitely, they can work together on how to control damage if Mother Nature hits hard. Nature's devastating features impart a valuable lesson to human beings that nature's destructive traits can ruin human lives at any time, just like dreadful human activities do to the lives of living beings. Thus, it's better to remain prepared for such circumstances, and then self-protection becomes easy either from other human beings or from nature's heavy rainfall with turbulent winds.


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    Warm sunshine and rainy days both have their own importance in our lives. Who does not like the warmth of sun rays during the winters? They not only raise our spirits but are also beneficial to our health. That is the time of the year when people come out of their houses and take sun bath during a holiday either on a beach side or some other open spaces developed for the purpose. Soon the winter will be over and then slowly comes the summer with it's scorching heat forcing everyone to search for shade and shelter for protecting oneself from the intense heat. And then come the much awaited rains which make the surroundings cool and comfortable and the people rejoice with pleasant feelings standing under the rains and soaking in the water provided to us as huge sprinklings from the heavens above. That is the great beauty of nature, we all admire. Life goes on enjoying and experiencing the changing moods of nature with alternations of all the seasons though we especially wait for those rainy days and warm sunshine.
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    Foggy mountains with green trees sway everyone's mind. Mountain trekking is one of the most adventurous sports. I am writing this while relaxing in my hotel room after visiting Kamrunag Mahadev Temple in Himachal Pradesh. I am sharing my latest experience that you find blissful peace amidst lush green trees and mist-covered hills all around. Often temples of gods and goddesses are built on the top of the mountain. On reaching the temple, it seems as if all the fatigue has gone away and new energy has been assimilated in you. On the way, you will also meet many pilgrims, whose energy and devotion generate new positive and encouraging energy. Many devotees make their journey more enjoyable by singing hymns of Lord Shankar along the way. Which fills you with even more vigor and enthusiasm. Staying amid tall tall green trees, the soul becomes contented. It is as if heaven and earth are meeting each other. Of course, we find the feeling of heaven, peace, and bliss by hiking among the green trees atop foggy mountains.

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    My nature's word pair: Rain and thunderstorm

    The rainy season is a pleasant season for many of us. Before raining, nature shows its mood as thunderstorms. I am very scared of a thunderstorm. Since thunderstorm includes lightning also and It gets very fatal when lightning falls on the ground. These days, It is being experienced in many parts of north India. I have also experienced many times. Especially in coastal areas, It can be experienced more.
    Once lightning fell on a tree near our house and the tree got dry immediately. By seeing this, we became more worried related to thunderstorms. After that, I left to go out during rain and thunderstorms. I always try to switch off all electronic gadgets during thunderstorms. I feel uncomfortable and stop doing household work during these periods. When the thunderstorm stops and raining start then start my work.

    [Invalid entry. Word pair not used properly as per rules.]

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    Word Pair: Thunder and Lightning

    Roaring thunder and supercells lightning are the most common and natural phenomena during the monsoon or rainy season. We all have read or heard about its impact but few might have experienced it and know the destruction it can do to a person, property, or the place it strikes. Lightning is the electrical discharge that is negative and begins inside the rain cloud that causes turbulence and an incredibly strong electrical field whereas the atmosphere act as the insulator. When the charge inside the cloud overpowers the insulating properties of the atmosphere, lightning occurs which is attracted to the positive charge in the ground. As the lightning heats the air around it engendering it to expand explosively, the surrounding air compresses rapidly causing to create a crack sound called the thunderclap. The two can be compared to the words that come out of our mouths. As lightning is the source and thunder the after-take, so also the words we speak becomes the source and the impact it does on people's heart, life, relationship, etc is the after-take. As lightning victims that survive have reported long-term enfeeble symptoms including memory loss, dizziness, weakness, numbness, and other life-altering ailments, in the same way as Yehuda Berg said, "Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble" the other person. Thunder may not be always created by lightning but may cause destruction and so also our words. We all should raise our words and not our voice as it creates a lasting memory, so also is the supercell lightning and roaring thunder.

    [Invalid entry. Not wholly original content.]

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    Beautiful flowers and attractive butterflies are like 'Made for each other' creations of nature. They both share bright and shiny colors and in fact, the presence of butterflies increases the beauty of blooming flowers. In the mornings, it looks like the fluttering butterflies come to wish the blooming flowers that make the flowers cheered up. To witness their beauty in the fresh morning is all enough to make your whole day.
    Apart from this, they both are scientifically also connected. The flower nectar is like food for butterflies and in return, these tiny insects help in their pollination.
    I still remember one incident, when there were 4-5 roses in my garden that used to attract few butterflies. My little son loved to watch them. He used to observe them very patiently. But after few days when the flowers were no more fresh and attractive, the butterflies stopped coming. That made him very sad and he requested me to plant more flowering plants. I planted 2 marigolds, 1 jasmine, and 3 rose plants to make it more colorful. After some time, our mornings were witnessing many attractive butterflies on beautiful flowers.


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    My word pair: Wind and Waves.

    Subtle Wind and Fiery waves, both so complementary to each other yet so different. The subtleness of Wind helps the wave to be smooth, at the same time, when the wind turns fiery waves cannot handle themselves and turn fiery.
    In life, we should always try to be like wind, we should have the power to control ourselves rather than being like Waves, who are controlled by someone else. We should have the power to not get manipulated by others and try to be firm in our thoughts and thinking. We should have the power to calm those fiery waves thoughts through subtle Wind.

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    Moon and Waves,

    The moon and waves, a relationship that is deep and strong. When the moon is orbiting the earth like a satellite, the vast water of the ocean is looking at it. People standing by the sea are looking at the waves of the sea and enjoying the cool breeze that touching their face with some drops of water. When the moon is in full form on the night of the full moon and its gravity is taken up to the height of the seawater, then there is a crowd of people to see this sight. Even at night when we can not see the moon that is the new moon, but the waves of the ocean can feel it and go up to the heights to welcome it. A deep and unbreakable relationship is such that it can show its presence felt even when far away. Such a beautiful scene showing the strong relationship between waves and the moon.

    [Invalid entry. Word pair not used as per the rules.]

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    Word Pair: Lake and Birds

    Beautiful lake and chirping birds can be seen anywhere. When you see a lake with lots of waterbirds while visiting a forest makes you happy. Watching birds playing, diving, bathing in the slow running bluish-green water of a lake is great scenery anyone wants to see anytime. It is such a pleasure we cannot find it anywhere else. Even in a crowded city like Delhi when you visit the Hauzkhas lake located in New Delhi and see these naughty waterbirds enjoying and playing in lake water you will feel connected to nature. Some birds like a swift, tern, swallow, fly over the lakes gets their food and water to drink from there, while ducks dive in the water. Actually, these lakes which are protected as a natural habitat for waterbirds also serves as a tourist place and many people, especially bird-lovers, visit to watch them. Similarly, when you visit Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh or Bhojtal, Bhopal you can also enjoy boating besides watching waterbirds. Some of them have set up amusement parks for children also. People usually come to relax and watch the lake and beautiful waterbirds. When I go for a site visit /official tour or a family trip I try not to miss a chance of visiting a lake available nearby. Hope you have visited anyone lake. But if you have not visited I would suggest please visit any of these places and enjoy watching chirping birds in beautiful lake.

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    My submission - Rising sun and glowing moon

    Rising sun and glowing moon, the gifts of nature, which we forget to enjoy everyday. Our day never begins without a sunrise, and never ends without the moonlight. Some of us might be night owls, not giving much chances to enjoy the sunrise. Though being an night owl, I enjoy the sunrise at times. One could feel the rays of hope on seeing the sunrise. Similarly, the glowing moonlight gives an immense peace to our mind. People are having so many commitments and are running out of time. We have only one life. It'd be nice if we pause a moment and embrace the nature around us. Take a deep breath and make some time to enjoy the nature, the glowing moon and rising sun.

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    Gentle breeze and smooth drizzle make the weather much pleasant and are loved by all. Leaves and lush green grasses are enchanted by the tender touch of raindrops and the birds like to take this cool shower of nature which is very comforting. The whole environment becomes much playful and active with this beautiful gift of nature and provides deep relief to everyone else. A smooth drizzle is also beneficial for crops. Droplets on beautiful flowers after drizzle appear like silvery pearls. To curb extreme hotness everyone prays for smooth drizzle and gentle breeze.

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