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    Preparations are needed to deal with life's contingencies.

    Attractive factors that collide in life will make you forget yourself and act. Those who become seduced by such attractions will fail to remember the truth about who they were yesterday and who they can become tomorrow. It takes extraordinary immunity and effort not to fall into temporary comforts and climb even if you fall in that.

    The dangers that come slowly are more deadly than sudden disasters. If there is a general understanding of the dangers that may arise, there will be preparations to combat them. Slow and gradual elimination is not easy to identify or resist. It will be invisible and silent. When you try to fly at crucial moments, only you realize that the wings have lost strength. The important thing is not only the life but also the lives.
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    There will be contingencies always in our lives. How we face it is very important. if there are hints we may prepare well to face the situation. But if there are no hints it will be very difficult to come out of those situations. Sometimes we may even ignore the hints. In such situations, we may pay higher penalties.
    When we face difficult situations in a hurry to combat those problems we should not make others suffer. We should consider how our way of dealing will affect the neighbours. We should care for their safety also. As we grow old, our energy will come down and problems may increase. In such situation others may feel that we are a burden. That is why I pray to God to see that such days will not come in my life.

    always confident

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    Once again nice post from the author. When the dangers are expected we can make the contingencies and even detailing can be ready kept to face the eventualities. But the life is very uncertain and somethings happen without our knowledge to which we are not prepared. A person lost his mother and there was no one to help him to even cremate her and he took the body on his shoulders leaving behind his ailing son at the home. After coming back his son also died and that was the biggest shock for his life. He took his son also for the cremation and done the rituals. Now imagine if the series of setbacks comes to person, how can the contingencies be made. And here in this case, no one is coming forward and the will power of the person need to be appreciated because he has not resigned nor ran away from the challenges.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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