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    Why rail tram services are not used instead of busses for city services in India?

    India has got so many highly populated big cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Lucknow, Pune, etc. In most of these places city bus services and rarely metro services are popular. But in countries like Russia where we can find rail trams connect to all places of big cities and they are very popular. When compared to bus services, the tram services are cheaper as they use solar electric power. By using trams more people can be transported, fuel charges can be reduced, pollution can be controlled. According to my knowledge only in Kolkata few tram services are operating even tody. What is your opinion about tram services?
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    Good suggestion from the author but there are many reasons for not preferring tram services in India. For example take Hyderabad, we have narrow roads and in that too the road meridian takes the good part of it making congested and in that case creating a ground level facility in the middle for the tram is not feasible. And we are interested to have more trees on the middle of the road and that enhances greenery and oxygen needs road users and if trams are to be considered then no trees would be possible considering traction wire necessary for the trams. Moreover even for the small rains we face the worst traffic snags and rain water logs the road very badly for few days. And if trams are to be introduced then that would be added woes for us. We know trams were there in Chennai also and that was discontinued in the past.
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    Once we had trams carrying people in Kanpur, Bhuvneshwar, Patna, Cochin, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai but now no tranways is seen in this cities, however, in Calcutta tram service is still provided. I also watched videos of trams in several other countries. They have their own charm but now tramways is the part of history in india. Local train services and metro service are being provided by the governments of several states. These are popular mode of transport for commuters in metro cities.
    The author has raised an issue why tram service is not available in all.metros or big cities like bus services. I think trams can never be an alternative of bus services because a bus can reach everywhere in a city whereas a tram needs rail to run between two specific points. All metros are crowded and people need transport service to travel. Tramways needs its network in all parts of the city and it is not possiible. Even in old days trams would run in a specific area and population was also not very big. In Mumbai local trains are so much crowded that only commuters know how to these local trains.

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    Now the trend of present scenario is to discard all old items and it is insult to us if we use old systems.

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    @736413 the question of old system does not arise as the trams are not fit for present day traffic and unusual road user behavior which may result in accident and not comforts.
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    I travelled once in a railway tram in Kolkatta. For running these rail tram services we have to have wider roads and someplace is to be dedicated for these trams. At the same time, these railway trams can't reach all the areas of the city and suburbs. So we require buses also even though we have rail tram services. So we should have wide roads and also roads for these trams. How many cities in India will have such wider roads.
    Even metro trains are there in very selected cities only. There are proposals to have them in many cities and the works are in progress.

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