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    The rules cannot be different for different articles or editors

    I have personally taken up these types of spacing issues with the LE a couple of times but it seems nothing has improved so far. One article was kept on pending for some reasons and then again it is kept on pending for some other reasons which are quite confusing to me. The link to the article which is pending is and the confusing two reasons are quoted here. "the word 'duration' for example, should appear right after the closing of the h3 tag of the heading. It is suggested to remove all the underline tags. Excessive ones make the article look shabby."

    I am still unable to understand this spacing issue properly in this case. I always start a paragraph just after the closing tag of a heading but since this is specific information used inside the underline tag I started it in a different line. For example, look into this article in the link
    where the list of the courses mentioned below the heading "Courses offered by the Faculty of Dental Sciences" started from the next line and not just after the closing tag of the heading. Why it was not objected to or pointed out at that time? Please clarify.

    Why it is suggested to remove the underline tags here? I can give you the links to a couple of articles where I used a lot of underline tags and nobody pointed it out to me or kept the article pending. Even in one of the articles, the editor changed the bold tags to underline tags during editing but never kept it pending. Please look into the below articles that have a lot of underline tags in them and please tell me why it was not informed/kept pending because of this issue.

    The rules cannot be separate for separate articles or editors and there must be clarity. One editor will not say anything and the other will keep on objecting cannot be continued for long.

    I hope I am quite clear about the issues.
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    Sankalan, the section editors have been notified about the issues you mentioned. Please wait for a response.
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    We discussed these issues with the admin. and henceforth will not be shifting the articles to pending for either of these reasons. All editors reviewing articles have been updated of the same.

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    Thank you and I hope these types of issues will not resurface again.

    Please also have a look at the article in the link

    I posted this article on 6th July and for some reason, it was kept on pending which I modified and resubmitted on 7th July 2021. The date of admission test for the courses mentioned in the article is 16th and 17th July 2021 and the hard copy of the applications should suppose to reach the respective campuses four days prior to the exam, i.e. by today. But after resubmission, the article is not approved yet.


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    The article is approved now. There has been a delay in the review of articles in the last 8-10 days due to more than one editor in the section taking leave for some personal reasons.

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    I absolutely agree and that's not to be taken as a complaint.

    Keeping a tab on the important dates, if it is nearby, can be a good idea. See to it if any technology or indication can be implemented so that it can be highlighted to the editors for necessary actions.


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