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    Why there is no deputy PM post in present government?

    Even though there is no rule that a deputy PM should be there in our Central government but previously some of the government's have deputy PM. Mr.Vajpayee has Mr.LK Advani has deputy PM. Mr.Sardar Patel, Mr.Charan Singh, Mr.Jagjivan Ram, Mr.Devilal, Mr.YB Chavan, Mr.Devilal worked as deputy PM'S of India. Usually when strong leaders are there in the party, they will be considered for deputy PM. In Mr.Modi's regime no deputy PM's were considered even though strong candidates like Mr.Shah, Mr.Rajnath, are there in the party. Why deputy PM candidate post was not considered in Modi's government? In your opinion having a deputy PM in the government is an advantage or disadvantage?
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    Good question asked by the author. The post of Deputy PM was created previously to please the partner parties which extended support to formation of government at the center. Now the present govt has its own majority though the group is called NDA. Even during the Vajpayee govt there was the post of Dy PM done by L K Advani as he was fuming inside to become PM and thus pacified. In this present government when the head of the same is doing very good and the Ministers are also doing their jobs better there is no necessity for the government to create Dy PM post which is nothing but ornamental and no powers given. When there is discontent within the party and if many wants to adore the chair the Dy PM post is created and here in this government there is no such opposition and the present PM fully controlling the situation.
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    In Bihar and U.P. there two deputy CMs in both states. What is the reason behind it I don't know? The author has raised the question of why there is no deputy PM in the centre. Present Indian Prime Minister is a highly strong leader. He does not need any deputy as he is capable enough to decide of his own volition. He has no internal or external pressure to appease his NDA partners. Sometimes, it happens when deputy PM is also strong like PM then two power-centres are created in government. I don't think there is any need for any deputy P.M. in the centre.

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    As far as my knowledge is concerned about our political system, our constitution does not state anywhere that there should be a deputy PM for the central government. and that is a valid and strong reason that no one can ask the government for the vacant post of deputy prime minister because actually no post like deputy PM is mentioned in any article of the constitution of our country. This is true that we had a deputy prime minister in some of our previous government but this does not mandatory for any government.

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    In the State of Andhra Pradesh, there are three Dy Chief Ministers and they have no voice or any special powers. They are as good as any other minister.
    In Telangana, as far as my knowledge goes there are two Dy. CMs are there. But KTR. son of the CM is more powerful than him.
    It is the head of the government who decides about his ministers, their roles and responsibilities. If PM wants he can have a person designated as Dy PM. In the absence of PM, the DY PM may lead the government. Otherwise, the senior minister in the ministry will be given the responsibilities of PM.
    Earlier also there were some PMs under whom there is no deputy PMs. As far as my remembrance goes there was no Dy PM when Manmohan Singh was the PM. There was no DyPM during the 3rd time ruling of Indira Gandhi.
    If the PM wants he can designate somebody as Dy PM. Probably Modiji felt that there is no necessity.

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    The post of deputy PM was created basically to make some people happy and nothing more than that. So, we can also say that it is a sort of manipulation to decrease the number of disgruntled people in the party or in the coalition partner's party. Actually in any system a PM with his team of Ministers is sufficient to run the country and making a deputy does not help in any way and it would only be a redundant position. The ruling party can always justify creating the post of deputy by giving so many clarifications and statements in favour of it but the fact of the matter is that it is actually not a full-fledged position. Interesting thing is that any position whose absence is not felt by the system is a redundant position. It holds true in case of this position also.
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