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    Just being busy is not enough.

    Often we have heard that always keep yourself busy, by doing this you will be happy in life because you are busy, so you do not think much about those things that make you feel stressed.

    But is it really so?
    Does it matter only whether we are busy or not, or is it also important what work we are busy with?

    There are many ways to keep ourselves busy because busyness can be all day, whether by doing bad discussions about someone, or by reading a good book all day, but we should choose the best way to busy ourselves, with that we can improve ourselves more. That means just being busy is not enough, but what you are busy with is most important.
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    By making us busy by various daily routine we can have certain benefit. If you are having a lot of free time your thoughts may go on to unnecessary things, your mind may feel boring, you may involve in unnecessary matters of others, etc. So it is better for an individual with pre-occupied work and make themselves busy will make our lives more peaceful and comfortable.

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    Definitely, we can make our life peaceful and comfortable by being busy but it should be in the right direction.

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    We can say that we are busy when there are pending works that are to be completed. These works may be domestic or maybe official. We can't say we are busy spending our time on mobile the whole day. These are all-time pass habits. But sometimes we may do some works for relaxation. Watching a movie or reading a novel etc will come in that category. we can't say that we are busy reading a novel. You can postpone that reading and go for the pending work.
    When we involve ourselves in our works we will never have any bad and unwanted thoughts. So that will give us mental health and strength.

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    The best thing would be to remain busy in some constructive and creative work. But many times it is not possible to do so and we simply idle away our time. There are some people who value the time much and do not waste even a spec of it. Some call them Workaholics also. At the same time there is a breed who do not do anything but appear busy. I think we must avoid that type of situation. That is called as busy without business and is not in a good taste.
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    By being busy we are trying to forget the past and get along with the present situation. If you ask someone to give their attention they woud tell they are busy. Here the busy means trying to avoid you and your approach to them was not at the right time and not at the right place. For example if you approach a bank cashier with small denomination notes, he will not take the same immeidately citing he is busy and come afte the lunch hour. Here we must agree to the fact that the cashier is really busy handling the customers and cash and dealing with small currency is the time consuming fact.
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    Everybody seems to be busy. Some people are busy with good activities and some of them are busy with bad activities. What the author has pointed out is the common suggestion to be busy in any good activity. Some of us have no work to keep ourselves busy in any work. This situation comes when a person is retired from his service or his servants are working and he has nothing to do except rebuking them. However, doing nothing is also work. You may see thousands of people who have nothing to do, nevertheless, they are so much busy in their activity that they have no time to raise their head to talk to you, Most of the young boys and girls are busy with their mobile. They find it difficult to shake hands with you because they are busy with both hands with their mobiles. They don't heed to you and want you to move from there at the earliest.

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    I agree with author. Being busy can definitely help you to devert you from things that are bothering you in your life. However being busy doesn't mean isn't equivalent to growth. The task by which you are busy plays a very important role. If you are doing something very ordinary that won't have any effect on your development then you're just being busy, which is great escape. However if you put your time into something fruitful that will lead to some achievement and knowledge then only it will be more than just being busy. If you want to make good use of your day, make sure to do things that are useful and keep to busy rather than doing things that would have no effects whatsoever.
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