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    Will the problem of the second doze of vaccination increase?

    During the program of vaccination, many campaigns were conducted in the country and through one such campaign, more and more people got vaccinated through many centers in our area too. Now the problem is facing by people is that the first dose was taken by a large section, but still many people of 45 plus are facing problems regarding their second dose, sometimes there is no availability of vaccine or center. It is true that vaccination programs are not as easy as we think and vaccination of such a large population is a challenging task but still, it needs to be taken more seriously.
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    In Telugu states, we have no problem and we are getting the vaccine for the second dose also. Recently I and my wife had the second dose. Another 5 members of our family also took their second dose. Both Covishield and Covaxin are available both in government hospitals and in private clinics also.
    I am not expecting any problem in the coming days. New vaccines are coming to market and people are using them. Sputnik is also available in Hyderabad these days. The second dose for the people who had the first dose of Covishield will be after 84 days.

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    Those states which plannd very well in advance and have their population data at their disposal along with fool proof method of having second dose vaccine, there is no problems faced. In Telangana the vaccines are given as per the groups like the Kirana and grocery groups. the teachers and professors. the medical representatives and the private company employees. So by making such groups the rush at the center is avoided and everything is done through cowin app and those vaccinated are getting their certificates immediately by evening. And the states which are lethargic are facing problems.
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    The situation is now gradually improving in the matter of second dose of vaccine and people are getting it in time. Another thing is that a delay of a few days is not going to matter much and there is technical margin for that in the vaccination process. Only thing is that sometimes the time for the second dose runs away and the person has to go to private centre and pay money for it.
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    I don't think there is any problem in vaccination process. It is going on smoothly without any problems for people, however, there is large crowd in government hospitals for getting vaccine. Reason is obvious because vaccines are being provided free of cost whereas in private hospitals people have to pay. I think hospital authorities should control crowd and people should be given vaccines in a better environment.
    Those who have to be administered second dose they don't face so much crowd.

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    There will not be any problem with vaccination. But currently, the major problem is of availability of vaccines. In Delhi NCR especially in Gurugram vaccine is available in only selected private hospitals. In government hospitals either it is unavailable or got exhausted readily. Further, even in private hospitals, there is a huge crowd of people. It seems that these centres may spread corona. Because vaccine gets exhausted immediately, that's why people who make an appointment in the afternoon or evening slots, also gathered at the centre in the morning hours. This was the scene of a famous private hospital at Gurugram when I went for vaccination last month.

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