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    Why cottage or household industries are not promoted by either central or state governments in India

    Indian youth is facing lack of severe employment opportunities despite of acquiring their Degrees at various levels. In addition to this several crores of youth are not well educated and eager to get employment in unskilled labor work. If the youth is not properly utilized by the country they become problematic to the family as well as to the country. Father of our nation Gandhiji used to tell that cottage industries are the only way to solve unemployment problem in India. This appears to be true factor even to today. There are so many house hold industries with small investment can earn much. Domestication few buffaloes or Cows, cattle growing, vermicompost maintaining, growing leafy vegetables, vegetables, growing fruit yielding plants, aqua culturing, nursery maintenance, service providing, etc. For these little investment is needed and that can be provided by Central and state governments. For example Telangana government promoting cattle growing, hen growing, pigs growing, etc. to provide employment to uneducated youth. What are your views with regard to promotion these cottage industries by governments.
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    It is the fact that amid boom of IT and infrasturcture sector, the cottage and small Industries are not getting the required impetus. However we must appreciate Telangana government which is promoting the Beedi and doll manufacturers through the Golconda stores in various places of Telangana. Likewise other cottage Industry products are also promoted through the exhibitions conducted in various places and thus small business is getting the right priority in our state. During the TDP regime also Dwkcra groups got good attention and women members were the beneficiaries through house hold products.
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    Small and cottage industries will definitely solve the unemployment problem. There are many schemes promoted by both the central government and the state governments. Many people are earning through those schemes. In Andhra Pradesh Dwakra scheme is one such scheme many ladies are getting loans at a very nominal rate and they are using that for doing some business. The nationalised banks also giving loans to unemployed youth for starting some business. But there is a lot of misuse of such incentives given by the government by the local politicians and they are using them for their betterment and for their followers' betterment and the needy are not getting the required support.
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