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    Why Indian workers are not being taken care of by Embassy abroad ?

    While India has the details of those who went for green pastures and works abroad, why the same information is not passed to the concerned embassies which often gets the complaints galore of workers being harrased by the local companies and authorities and when the things gets aggrevated the Delhi Ministers has to act and thus defeat the very purpose of having such embassies which do not have the tab on Indians living in pathetic conditions with problems and agonies. What is your comment on this matter, should there be strict mechanism to know the welfare of the labors.?
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    An Embassy acts as a connecting identity between its country and the host country. The of India is headed The Ambassador will head the embassy. The Indian embassy in any foreign country will have the following Wings 1. administration, ii) Political &Information, iii) Defence, iv) Consular, v)Commercial & Economic wings.
    An embassy will have no authority to give any concessions or grant any permissions. If any of our country people are having any problem in the host country, they can contact the embassy. But they can't act independently. They will bring it to the notice of the foreign ministry and they act according to the directions of the embassy.
    The problems of Indians in the host country will be dealt with through the embassy only.

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    If a person goes to any foreign country for a job through any travel agent or consultant agency and the company violates the contract between employee and the company or if the person faces any problem on foreign land while doing his job he may contact to the concerned travel or consultant agency to sort out his problem, the embassy has nothing to do with this matter, however, if the company has sacked him, the company has taken his passport and other documents and does not give them to him or he has no money etc in such situations embassy may help him.

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    Embassy is duty bound to see the welfare of the people working in that particular country.
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    It is a known fact on paper that the embassy of any country need to help its people when they are working in that respective country but many a times, it is just on paper and news but many laborers, employees or workers suffer silently without getting any sort of help from the Embassy. When we check the duty of the Embassy, its priority is to help the needy or those in the worst condition but the actual picture is different. I don't say that every Embassy is the same. There are many stories, where the Embassy has helped its people and saved them but there is another side of the coin where they have turned deaf ear to its people. When an expatriate approaches its Embassy and want to reparation from the country due to various reason, its Embassy should help him/her to get all its dues and clearance but they ask them to sign a document which says that "they don't have any financial claim now or soon". If that's the case, then what help does the Embassy provide? The Embassy should be of help to its people when they are working far from its country and near ones which include their health, insurance, salary, accommodation, food, etc so that they can be an asset to its country and help in its progress.
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