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    What's in a Jack fruit seed?

    The teacher asked in a conversation with the students after the study. Children, have you seen the Jack fruit seed? The students all said in unison: "Yes." Immediately came the other question: "What's inside the Jack fruit seed?" The children became sad. Some were dumbfounded. Some said, "I do not know." The teacher said: "There is a Jack tree, full of Jack fruits on it."

    No one can judge anyone by their size or beauty. No one cannot know who is the other, without knowing the inner man in him. All evaluations are done based on the status on that day. It is very effortless and does not require in-depth analysis. Nothing will fully clear without knowing what was there yesterday and what will be tomorrow.

    The greatest injustice anyone experiencing is being evaluated at first sight. One's journey begins today and is not ending today itself. There is a place that started yesterday, and there is a place to reach tomorrow. The yesterdays may be forgotten, but everyone should remember about their tomorrow. Everyone can change and grow according to the circumstances. No one will remain the same to the end. Mutual respect and consideration will be increased if the growth has been anticipated.
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    If I were the student then I would have answered that taste is hidden inside the jack fruit seed because I am fond of curry made of this seed and we know the taste of it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Nobody can indeed say what is in the womb of the future for a child. How he will grow as Will he succeed or not, nothing can be predicted, however, it may be expected what he will become in future as he has planned and executed the same in proper way but sometimes, vagaries of circumstances that are not in the hands of humans can shape someone's career or future which he might have never imagined.

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    Yes. There is a jackfruit inside the seed. No doubt. But how it will grow and how many fruits it will give and how long it will sustain is never known. If you talk scientifically there will be starch inside the seed and if we fry it and eat it will be very tasty. In the case of a jackfruit seed how it will be used what will be its future in not its hand and it will be decided by the person who is owning it.
    The same may we can't predict what is there in the future of a child. It all depends on how his/her parents take care of the child and later on how he/she plans his/her future.

    always confident

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