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    The mysterious world around us

    There are many mysteries in this world which are yet to be unravelled. We often read about them in the media and also come to know about them from other sources of information. I invite members to share these mysteries in this thread. I start the chain from the mystery of UFO. Since quite long a time people have reported sighting unidentified flying objects (UFO). They were reported to appear mostly in flat round shapes like a flying saucer. Some people believe that they are alien ships from other advanced civilisations in the far off planets in the universe. Some believe that it is all hoax. No one knows the truth and it is still a mystery. Are you aware or heard about any other mystery in this world?
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    I will like to add one more from my side as Bermuda Triangle which is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared mysteriously. No one has the answer though some say it is only a coincidence.
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    I've heard and read about some mysteries that are very intriguing. However, the existence of mystical creatures is what has kept me interested for a long time. The existence of creatures with superficial powers like werewolves and vampires that we are aware of has interested me for a while now. Even the existence of angels is also something I would want to learn about. There have been have people who have claimed to see then or have heard about their existence however we cannot never know for sure. It will always remain a unsolved mystery.
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    Paranormal issues are beyond our perception. Sometimes, such incidents occur quite mysteriously and we remain transfixed without finding any clue to understand how it all happened. I watched a video of two different seas. Their colours were different. The Colour of one water body is black and another is grey, both meet each other at a point but they don't mix up and both of them don't lose their respective identity while. meeting each other whereas how it happens I don't know.

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    The author has told the truth, this world is really mysterious and even today, many secrets are hidden in it, but most people do not easily believe in these things. I am one of them too. I believe that we are a part of the mysterious world and our existence is also given to some mystery, but even then, until some things are proved, there is a little confusion in their belief, that is why I am less in mysterious news. I see, but I do not deny that this beautiful world of mysteries still has many secrets in its disrespect and the human race is slowly reaching those secrets through its best efforts.

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    It is a mysterious world. There are many unknown things we can't explain logically. We see planets, stars, asteroids and galaxies in this universe. We will see only 5% of the total universe. What about the remaining 95% is a mystery only. Some scientists say there is a substance called 'Dark Matter'. Many of us might have read about it in magazines and newspapers. Scientists say that this dark matter forms almost 25% of the total universe. We never see this or we never understand the same. Scientists believe that this is like a spider's web and it will hold the entire universe together. Even though they believe that this dark matter exists but nobody pin point the same.
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    The world is full of mysteries though not many such mysterious objects are there. The UFO is quite interesting in the sense that it remained unidentified. Other than a specific object many actions that occur at times remain a mystery. For instance, telepathy is one such thing. Another mysterious thing is a sudden change in the behaviour of some persons. The change is not constant yet unexplained.

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