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    When such things are stored in a folder only for viewing!

    We all like that others should be compassionate, we expect everybody to behave well, we all like to live peacefully yet all these things are not available in abundance. Even a hardcore criminal will object and say it's a crime if another person tries to harm the criminal. I think, our basic characters are the same but our actions differ according to various situations. Few have full control over themselves and do not indulge in something which is unacceptable to society and others have less control and do things at random that is not acceptable. I don't think the exact reasons behind such behaviour will be found and many people will propose their views according to their own experience. But one thing for sure that their personal operating system boots from a different location where all such negative issues are stored. Their operating system is different. They also think of compassion, good manners and responsible actions but only after the booting process. They fetch them from the specific location of their hard drives, ponder over them and then again close the folder. It's something like opening the folder in your computer that contains some beautiful sceneries and closing them after having a look. It remains in a specific folder only that they visit at times but when it comes to taking action they do according to the operating system loaded to their RAM while booting.
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    The author has nicely narrated how the people behave and used analogy with the computer system. It is quite right to say that many people hide their good feelings back in the cupboard while doing their activities. It is not that they are so innocent that they cannot differentiate between good and bad. In fact, most of them do it voluntarily. When criminal activities become the profession for some people then they do it as a matter of right and do not think about moral valises as their primary concern becomes to complete the crime and escape from the clutches of laws. Apparently when these criminals are in the group or society they would be seen talking so nice and showing concern for the humanity and the fellow beings. That is their deceptive face that we are seeing. That is when they are using the folder as mentioned by the author of this post. Rest of the time they are busy doing their evil deeds in best of their efficiencies and we are unfortunate that we have not evolved strong and robust systems to catch these culprits in their maiden attempts and nip them in the bud.
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    Nicely compared. What we do is different and what we say is different. A criminal will never think that what he is doing is wrong. Instead, they will try to find fault with the other side and try to defend their own action. Many times we see that people doing mistakes but trying to give some or other explanation to defend their actions.
    We read in Puranas about Rakshas. But we think they will appear differently. But they also look like other persons only and they have become Rakshas by their way of behaviour and actions they take,
    Accepting the mistake and not repeating it is a great trait. But how many will have the guts to accept. A person who is eating meat will never wear a garland of bones on his neck. So if we think that a criminal will have a different look, we will get cheated. They will look like other people only. We can't identify a criminal by seeing his appearance. We hear about many persons who will behave like saints but behind the screen, they are different altogether.

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    I agree with the author that everybody expects that all other people should be nice to him. He chooses best characters in others regardless what type of person he himself is. He hides his realty if he is a bad guy. He masquerades as decent and gentleman but reality is otherwise and he is well aware of his reality.
    The author has written about a criminal that he also understands what crime is. But he himself is involved in crimes. I think we should not have double standard. What is wrong for others it should be wrong for ourselves also? It does not means if someone does something wrong we are authorised to prove him wrong but if the same wrong act is perfomed by us we change rules of the game. This is unfair and absolutely wrong approach.
    I see this type of proclivity and thinking sit in the minds of people. We should be fair in dealings on equal terms without any prejudice and partiality.

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    The author has rightly said that everyone should behave nicely despite his bad taste. There are many people having their dubious characters but the same is not manifestable in their dealings. He would not allow his bad character to be surfaced at any cost before the public. However, we can see sometimes his changed behaviour with the long arguments for a trifle issue and remain irritated over a period. They would justify their stands making some justifiable explanations. They cannot be changed due to their complex thinking.we should ignore such people and in our dealings, we must be fair so that we don't suffer complexities at the later stage.

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    Good narrative from the author that we store our good traits in the separate folder and when the time demands we try to retrieve them and use. By the way we do want to behave sensitively and relatively with good nature. but sometimes we are forced to behave otherwise due to reasons beyond our control. Even others also behave in the same manner becaue they intentionally would not hurt others. But for criminals they do not have the human culture or nature and they behave indifferently with all their motives are selfish and to the level of social appreciation and they are discarded by others.
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