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    Know the inner thoughts.

    Those who recognize the potential of those they meet have the right to become gurus. Those who can only see the exterior will pass with whitewashing. If the possibilities have recognized, then the trajectory becomes clear. Then, it is enough to transform the circumstances and contacts into possibilities. Nobody who is conscious of their ability will change the travel direction. They will keep away the useless and the unfair things. The things which are favorable and making prosperous accepted with respect. Those who visit the inner will touch the soul and take each one to the places they deserve.
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    What the author has been suggesting is the inner engineering to which we are not consulting and keep on harping taking help of others thought to be imposed on us. When we are growing up our thinking abilities also grow and we must gather the wisdom of taking decisions on own instead of depending on others advice. Even in office when you are given the work and responsibility that proves the management wants you to explore the ways and means to tackle the situations and take appropriate actions to which the boss would be ready to agree and amend also. This way the thought process should give rise to new meaning of work experience. And if it is new and suggested good. that would become the bench mark to follow and be the rule of future in the same organization because you paved way for the good work culture.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Exteriors are always deceptive and we should not fall for that. What we see is only the physical manifestations of shapes and sizes and has no way connected with the inner world. The irony is that many people are infatuated with the outwardly appearances and just flow in the stream of that superficial world. This is unfortunate but is true. Only prudent and wise would be able to see through the opaque forms to the deep of the interiors where the nectar of lives is present. Identifying the inner virtues and then use them for ones progress and prosperity in this tough and cruel world is something that the saints in the past might had achieved and for the ordinary mortals like us it is definitely going to be a difficult task. Still, one must make efforts for finding the strengths of ones inner world which is much more powerful and sturdy as compared to the materialistic world outside.
    Knowledge is power.

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    We have abundant talents and potentials in the the different areas but we are not in a position to employ these traits because of our negativity. We should be thankful to our managers having assessed our inner potentials and put us in some fields where our strengths could be utilised in the different areas. It is the fault of both the workers and managers not interested for achieving the targets set by the management. Instead of introspection of the strength of our own manpower, we are on the lookout of the experienced and more talented resources to augment production. We should explore the means of proper deployment of the Human Resource by encouraging them to apply their inner talents.

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    In many organisations, we see people losing their jobs. The same person, when joined in another organisation, will get a good name as a good worker. The reason behind this is the nature of the work. The boss in the second company might have identifies the skills of the person and gave him a job that suits the person. Here we should appreciate the boss for realising the actual ability of the person. In the same way, every person may have some inherent good qualities but when we see him we may not be able to identify them.
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    I don't think anybody can be called a guru if he starts peeping into others' inner self. I think we need to inteospect into our inner thoughts and actions. Do we have lots of expectations from the world that everybody will go according to our wish or commands and everybody will change himself as we want to see them get changed. If we think so we are wrong. Everybody is free to live as he wants to live. We can't expect that he will look into his innerself and he will change his shortcomings too. I think I have no right about anybody. I need to change myself and I need to build up my moral character and I need to check my shortcomings.
    I never want to be a Guru nor I run after Gurus. I don't follow any Guru. My heart is my Guru which keeps me guiding. If I am wrong it warns me.

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    The author is right that one should know about inner thoughts, in basic terminology it is called inner engineering and this term is quite hearing nowadays. But what exactly is when we try to understand our inner thought we will find a trap of thoughts inside and then it would be difficult to understand which though are originated within us and how many of them are originated because of others' energy. The best way to know your inner thought is to sit alone and just keep your focus on one thing that is the energy of your inner thoughts and let blow this energy with its own direction, it may automatically find the right direction or right thought.

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