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    Are you walking 10,000 steps in the whole day ? Then you are fit

    Given the modern living with vehicles and other comforts during the living, we are doing less walking and more talking and that is telling upon our health. Though many of us choosing some exercise or the other to keep the body fit , if we follow the 10,000 foot steps in the whole day, that would keep the health healthy. Even we are having the sitting job in the office, get out of the seat and walk for a while instead of asking other employees come to your seat. This way the walking practice can be raised to reach 10,000 steps daily. Whats your take ?
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    Exercise is a very important thing in our daily lives and we have to do it in one form or other. Persons who are doing office work or sitting for long hours are prone to many ailments and are especially getting backache and weakness of bones. 10000 steps a day is definitely a great exercise and will help the individual to get fit. Actually our steps are about 70 centimeter in length and from that the 10000 steps comes to 7000 meters = 7 km. Some people go for walks in morning and evening and might complete that target. Most of us walk 2-3 km in morning and may be 1-2 km in evening plus may be about 500 steps in household work or other small activities and our total comes to only about 4-5 km a day. From the standard of 7 km a day we are then falling short by 2-3 km. Anyway, maintaining 4-5 km a day is also an achievement.
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    Exercise must be included in our daily activities to keep our metabolism fit. It may be any form cycling, brisk walking, jogging etc. However, the simplest exercise is the brisk walk of around 10000 steps as suggested by the author which would be equivalent to 7 km and the same can be split up in two phase- morning and evening. Ensure that you have not taken a heavy breakfast prior to brisk walking causing your stomach discomfort. Keep the movement regular with your brisk movements. Such exercise if taken on regular basis can provide numerous benefits such as healthy metabolism, regulating blood pressure, healthy blood sugar level and keeping our liver fit .

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    That is true. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day will keep us fit. So we all should walk during working also for something or other. When we are talking over a mobile, we can talk while walking instead of sitting and talking. That will help us to have some exercise also. These days we are not doing any work which will give some strain to our body. So we are all thinking of exercises and other things separately. A farmer working in the field need not think of separate exercises. A housewife who stands and work will be more fit. She will be walking in connection with her work. In our house, many of us will not get up from where we are sitting ask somebody to pick up and give us whatever we wanted. Instead of that if we start collecting our own requirements we will have some walk. We all should make such good habits so that we will not have any health issues.
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    Is that mean more standing is equivalent to more walking as exercise ?
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    I am happy that my steps in a day exceed 10,000, along with this, I also keep some time for exercise and yoga. My daily routine starts with waking up early in the morning so my morning time is easily managed with walk, yoga, and exercise. I have a digital watch which I wear from morning till night and I have already set a target of 10000 steps in it which always exceeds it. As I am a member of a joint family, and there is a lot of household work at home, as a daughter I have to manage many works that are the main reason for my more footsteps. Apart from that, I have a habit of a long walk after dinner, so all including all activities my footsteps are counted more than 10,000 in a day, and I am really happy with that because it will definitely help me to be fit and healthy for a long time.

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    Physical exercise is essential to keep the body fit. Some people are fond of fitness. They rise early morning and go jogging or walking or some of them go to the gym. The author has suggested that everybody should walk for ten thousand steps daily. His suggestion is not bad but it is not easy for everybody. Especially, bike riders or travellers who go everywhere in their car, can't follow this suggestion.

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