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    Criminals on the prowl- Be careful when you upload photos on social media platforms.

    Today I watched a YouTube channel and came to know about an app named 'Sulli deal' which was created by an unknown person and hosted on the open-source platform GitHub. The culprit stole photos of 83 women from Twitter without permission. These photos were then 'auctioned' on this app as 'as sullideal of the day'. Their picture, name and Twitter handle information was shared with the user. These women are prominent personalities like journalists, writers, social workers, pilots, political analysts etc
    The Delhi Commission for Women has given a strong reaction against this whole issue. Commission chairperson Swati Maliwal has issued a notice to Delhi Police and has termed it as 'a serious cyber crime'.

    The website was taken down though but before it was down many social media users had already taken screenshots of the same and shared and some of them informed the women concerned. Many women reacted on it and asked for punishment to culprits. Some women have issued an alert not to share their photographs on social media as their photograph may be misused in future also as things are not going to change.

    Footnite: Coincidentally, all these women are Muslims.
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    We are sharing our photos and other details in social media thinking that these platforms are safe and secure. No doubt these platforms claim high level of security and they make a lot of efforts to keep thee data safe but hackers are hackers and can do anything. When hackers can hack data from the bank sites then where these social media platform stand. I think people should be much cautious about this and should not allow others to see the data until that person is a friend. So selecting the proper option in settings is a main thing that would help to quite an extent. Another important point is that Govt had to increase its thrust in cyber crime detection area as these are going to increase in coming times and will create a big problem for the gullible users.
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    That is very bad, Many incidents are happening these days. Sometimes people who are innocent are getting humiliated.
    That is why many ladies stopped posting their photos on social media. This type of incident happened in the family of my distinct relative. Somebody has stolen the picture of their daughter from social media and edited the same and posted it on the same social media. The girl's marriage was fixed. The boy has seen that photo and cancelled the marriage. Then onwards that girl stopped posting on social media.
    We should not open all the apps and we should not share our personal information and photos on social media.

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    We are compelled to share the photos on the social media for identification and other needs and unfortunately those are misused and stolen by the culprits for their ulterior motives. Though the cyber crime police are nabbing those involved in illegal activities , the stealing of personal photos is total criminal activities and I hope the new ministers who have taken up the portfolios at the center would take note of it and ban such sites in India. Moreover public especially the women are also warned not to post their daily style statements or the status on social media which are likely to be misused by the criminals.
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    We do display our photos in the social media thinking that no adverse event is likely to happen but this may not be the case always. The author has provided us how the clusters of women having prominent personalities are later auctioned to the beneficiaries after the due payments and entire information of these ladies were shared. We need to take up the appropriate action against these hackers so that they are discouraged from doing such dangerous activities harming their reputations. Hope the newly inducted minister would look into it and a proper action is initiated to stop them from such criminal activities.

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