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    Can you convert your knowledge into money?

    There is no limit for acquiring knowledge. Depending upon one's intelligence and grasp one can slowly or in a relatively faster pace learn the various things making oneself highly knowledgeable. There is no upper limit for it. Now, one may like to convert this knowledge into money and might try to get a job or start a business. As one is a well read person, theoretically one will be well ahead of the peer group but when it comes to practicalities one might fail or may not perform in a successful way. One cannot earn money if one is not practical. Bookish knowledge does not entitle us to make money. So, acquiring knowledge is one thing and converting it into money is entirely a different matter. What do you think?
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    The knowledge you have may not get you a job. You should also know how, where and when you have to use that knowledge. Then only your knowledge will come in handy and may help you in getting a job or making money. Reading books will help you in knowing about the subject. But your own practical knowledge only will be useful to convert your knowledge into money.
    These days we are seeing many Engineers coming out of the colleges successfully. But many of them are not even having the basic knowledge of practical knowledge. Such engineers may not fare well in the interviews and they may not get the job.

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    In fact the same thing is happening with me in this site. For the past many years I have been utilizing the writing profess to the advantage of earnings and in fact more than 100 Revenue Share Bonus has been earned. Though the motto of me was not to earn but to learn, in that process If I get the money it is bonus for me. My close observation of issues that has happened in the past, having close contacts with elders, and having a tab on the present crisis in the country made me write and rise posts on many matters and that made the airing easy for me and earnings has become the routine affairs. So my knowledge helped me to earn here.
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    The author has raised a good issue for discussion, I appreciate him for this thread. When I read this thread a question struck my mind- What is the purpose of getting knowledge? I think knowledge is not entirely associated with job, rather when it comes into someone's mind it should eliminate all superstitious notions, ignorant ideas and foolish ways of life. He should be changed into a good human and a civilised person. This is another aspect I am pointing out. The author wants to say that every knowledgable person is not successful in his life unless he converts his knowledge into a source of getting money. I don't think anybody will deny it because it is an open reality which almost everybody wants to get it materialised. What is the point of getting knowledge if it doesn't fetches money and if it doesn't change his social status and financial condition.
    Getting Knowledge from books is a great activity but practically implementing this gained knowledge into a source of income, sometime, becomes difficult, especially, in today's society innumerable well qualified and knowledgeable people are jobless and wandering joblessly. Despite their all efforts they are unable to convert their knoweslage into a source of income.

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    I agree with the author. In Shrimad Bhagavad Gita it is said by Lord Krishna that - The learned never gets waste
    When we learn something, then most of our focus has been on its end because perhaps at that time we have to learn this in our mind and use this learning to make our career or do a job, and we consider it as our last intention. We keep learning, perhaps because of this, there is more focus on the result than on the learning, but when we enjoy it while learning, then such knowledge always comes in handy for us.

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    Very good thread by Author, I liked Mr Mohan's answer in this context. Everyone has knowledge, it is better to put the knowledge in the right place at the right time. Now let's come to Money Matter, how much return you are getting may seem more or less, or normal to you. But you cannot or do not understand the value of your knowledge nor you can calculate it. The cost of the same knowledge can be many times higher in alternative places. This means that your employer is not able to apply your knowledge properly or is depriving you. Proper application of knowledge is essential to earn higher value.
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