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    How can we live happily?

    The root cause of self-conflict is to be limited to oneself and their problems. Those who indulge in their desires and dreams can never be happy. Such people may think that wherever they move and the air they breathe has been created only for themselves. They look with suspicion at everything that is not interested in their minds. Those who live in self-centered thinks that the thoughts of everyone should be as their thoughts, act as they wish, and everyone should live around them. If they feel that any of these things are missing, they will fall into self-loathing and become addicted to depression.

    The journey to the other's need is more dominant than the confinement to the self. If anyone can transform the selfish mindset and think and act accordingly for everyone, naturally feel happy and be happy.
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    To live happy, one should be content with what one has. They have to be aware of what they deserve and live in the reality rather than indulge in dreams and fantasy that are not achievable. To be aware of the inequality that prevails in the world and how some people are unable to achieve even the basic of the need and therefore being grateful for what they have. As the author mentioned one should avoid being self centred, the world doesn't revolve around you, instead we all involve around the world and its power. Therefore one should be content and only dream of something achievable. If one is happy with sharing and think for the welfare of all, as the author, they will definitely walk towards the road of satisfaction and happiness. It might sound superficial or unreachable but it indeed is reality and one who is selfish cannot achieve it.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    There is no end to worldly desires. You may be always trying to fulfil your desires and you will be on a run. The more you get the more you wanted. So you can't enjoy your life and you are always in a worrying mood only.
    A beggar will be sleeping happily on the roadside without any thinking and a rich man may be spending his sleepless nights in an AC room thinking about earning money. As long as you are not satisfied you can't be happy in your life. As long as we think about the system in which we are in and we consider it as a part of the system, we will not have any complaints. But the moment we start thinking that we are special and we want recognition from everybody, we will become unhappy and our thoughts will be around us only. That will be the starting point of unhappiness.

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    To live happily first we should no what makes us happy.
    When we came to this world from our mother's womb we did not have any idea what are there for us, what we want etc. An infant is happy when it gets mother's milk, From its body expressions we understand that it is happy when it sleeps well, when it can excrete comfortably. So for a small child all those things which gives happiness or unhappiness are the fulfilling of the very basic biological function.

    But along with our growing our wants increase because we come across or experience a lot o new and newer things which give us some excitement, satisfaction etc. That is our wants increase. From then on i will be a struggle to get what we want. However in this we are not alone. There are many other humans, who also will have similar wants. So there is always a possibility that our wants are not fulfilled in the way, in the quantum and at the time and place we wanted it. This makes us unhappy.
    So the best way to live happily is to reduce, restrict or stop expectations or wants.

    Humans experience materialist pleasure or pain from the experience given to them by their senses. So if the senses can be controlled, and taught to be equi-responsive or equipoised to anything, then there will not be any differentiation of happiness and unhappiness. Bhagavad Gita teaches us this. Our great Rishis had mastered this very well.
    In other words happiness and unhappiness is all about our 'attachment' and 'detachment' to anything.

    Adi Shankaracharya also teaches us about this conscious detachment or " Nissangatvam".

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    If we adjust ourselves with the present condition of living and be content with what what we have life seems to going and happy. But the very discontent comes when we compare ourselves with others who are progressing and we are left behind. It is the fact that those who are classmates then are the big boss of their own factory and companies and that does not mean I am being bad or worse than them. If they could be better off and winners in their life there could be strong reason of some one who helped them and better luck also cooperated. But when ever I met them they felt jealous that I made strong progress with good education to two children with one Engineer and one doctor in making. If that is heard from others I get more satisfied because my moves were right and my achievements are seen by others and I am happy.
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    Happiness is within us but we always looking for it in our outer world. We know that we will feel happy when we are happy from the inner world but still it is not too easy to accept this. There are many desires in a common person's life and we all want to fulfill all our desires, at the time we know that these desires will never be ended and we have fight for those entire lives then how is it possible to live happy always. When a person starts to live happily whatever he/she has, then it may possible to live a happy and peaceful life.

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    Happiness can be felt with the positive thoughts and to get happiness we need to change our style of thinking. This can be done in many ways by going through the collection of spiritual books or displaying photos of great men and even the photos of our lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma,. Gazing at such photos can change our negative thoughts and chanting the mantras of Gayatri could help in weeding out tension. Our outlook needs to be changed significantly and for that constant practice is required to search the pleasure within ourselves.

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    Everybody wants happiness and satisfaction in his life. He earns money to have more more comforts, so that he may have happiness. Indeed, money plays very important role in human life but it is not everything. Money can't purchase happiness and peace of mind.
    I think following factors determine this aspect of human life.
    - A person should not earn money by wrong source of income.
    - He should try to be frugal as unnecessary expenditure causes unwelcome financial problems
    - He should be content and satisfied to what he has.
    - Keep an eye on those who are poor or belong to financially lower status
    - Dont envy with rich people
    - Help needy people.
    - Dont forget to visit your friends, relatives
    - If you are mentally disturbed share your problems with your parents/elderly people
    - Take some long leave and go for picnic with your family or friends
    - Have optimistic view of life. Be never disappointed and dejected
    - Use your time wisely. Wasting time invites problems.

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    Everyone wants to be happy but it alludes all of us. We yearn for it but we forget that we have to earn it. Money and material can give us physical comforts but not happiness. It is said that happiness is a state of mind and even a poor person can be much happier than others. There is no magic formula for being happy. Some people argue that we should not be worried about the happiness and just enjoy the pleasures of life. That sounds alright but how a person can enjoy when one is not happy. Expert suggest that by being kind to others or helping the needy we can derive happiness. That looks logical because we have sentiments and when our emotional requirements are met then only we will be feeling happy. So be kind to others and in general to the society around and that does the trick for remaining happy.
    Knowledge is power.

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