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    Does the age limit prevent us from participating in popular sports ?

    Some of us have the strong urge to compete and win through the sports activities that are conducted right from the school days and we slowly come out of the groove for not being ably supported either at home, society or the state where we belong and thus we remain the loner in spite of having the talent of some sport or the other. And in that thinking process our age also get over and we embrace the older age. Does the age limit prevent us from participating in popular sports or is there any organization which looks for talents from common people ?
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    Games and sports require a lot of physical energy and as we grow big we may not be able to participate in these activities the same we participated when we are young. we are seeing the retirement of many famous and great players also retiring from that field in their late 30s. As we grow old our body may not cooperate with us to participate in these games. But there are some people who will not lose interest and get associated with the game. Some like-minded people of the same age group can form a team and play among themselves if all of them have interest in that game.
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    According to me the age limit prescribed for anything is statutory but practically speaking there may be some escalation in the prescribed rules. Even for applying for jobs we cannot avail the job if our age is over and above the prescribed limit. But we can get the job from the same organization or company if we apply in person rather than sending application over post or mail. As we can look young and active though comparing to the age we can get the job. Similar to this, the sport activities also we can get a chance of participation if our physique seems fit rather than as per age. So seeking permission by personal approach we can get a chance if we really interested in getting a participation.

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    Physical fitness is the first important key for any sportsman or player so it may definitely affect the process, we can not say that every youth is fit or any older person will b physically unfit but as we see in a normal situation so we will find the same scenario around us where different physical problems surrounded to an older person, especially fitness of the body. On the other hand, we can also saw some people who are aged but still has a fit body, so if a person is enough fit to participate then why age parameter is required.

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    Every game needs good health and every sportsman has to keep himself fit on the ground. As we grow old our stamina starts decreasing, however, our health appears good but our appearance is not enough to play. A player's swiftness also decreases. His limbs do not move as quickly as a young guy.

    If someone is a chess player he can play for a longer period so long as his brain is strong to focus on game planning and execution but all games in which a sportsman has to do physical exertion he can not play after a certain age. So, every great sportsman takes retirement before he starts losing his game.

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    When we are young we undertake some sport activity of our choice and play it whenever we get a chance or join some club if we are really passionate about it. So, many people follow their choice of sports in that manner. This is basically for the outdoor sports. As regards the indoor games or sports people have to play them with friends and family or again join a club if the game cannot be played in the house. Age also comes in picture but not for all the games. Some indoor games like carom board or chess can be played irrespective of physical stamina. So, age could be a barrier for games like football, hockey etc. Sometimes the seniors will have their own teams and play among themselves with more ease and comfort.
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