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    Are we calling Third wave upon ourselves?

    Recently the viral pictures in social media of the crowd in various hill stations has been a topic of vivid discussions. Last year too, when the covid cases got into control and the government gave ease in lockdown, many people in groups went travelling. This type of travelling is called revenge pravelling, whereby, the people who has been in lockdown, being mentally and emotionally disturbed or tired of the monotonous life, travel to some place for relaxing just when the lockdown eases.

    What happens next is, the hotels in these tourists spots are flooded, staffs get scarce and as a result these hotels, hire new labours who turn up from small villages nearby in search of employment. Almost 60% travellers might not transmit Corona but due to the negligency of the rest 40% who are careless regarding hygiene and sanitation, there is a new outburst of Corona cases. These labours who got new employment , end up being unemployed again due to lockdown and are forced to return back to their village, with high chances of carrying new variants. And ultimately THE THIRD WAVE!

    Some researchers have been predicting the third wave to be as deadlier than second one while some say that to be milder due to mass vaccination. Whatever that might be, we should be reluctant in handling this virus , which is powerful enough to make this whole world stagnant for almost 1 year now. With our utmost negligency and stupidity we are calling the third wave upon ourselves, and when things would go out of hand, we would reach out to the social media/government for help and then blame then for the same.

    Are we doing justice to those who have been maintaining lockdown in their houses since a year, and have been waiting for things to get normal to step out? What are your views on this.
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    The author said the facts. The government may lift the lockdown. That is not that you can go anywhere and everywhere you like. We should take care of ourselves only. Unless otherwise, it is an absolute necessity only we should think of going out. Even we go out also we should follow all COVID 19 protocols.
    The other in our village somebody has arranged a get-together and invited many people. We have not attended. But almost 100 people attended. Like this, if we behave we may be inviting ourselves to the third wave. There is no doubt about it.
    Why people are not learning from the events that are taking place around the world. We have seen that the second wave is more serious than the first wave. We have seen many cases and many deaths. Again lockdowns and vaccination controlled and now slowly we are becoming normal. In such a situation, by any chance, we start doing all unwanted deeds, it is sure the third wave will come fast.

    always confident

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    Simple thing. No mosquito can be eradicated in spite of efforts taken even seriously. Similarly the epidemics are coming to this universe by overcoming our physical efforts to prevent, This may be called as epidemic given by God or Nature similar to earthquake, etc., My request to the ISC members to pray our interested God not to send any more epidemic hereafter to this universe if belief is there. Science is apart from such beliefs.

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    As said by our PM Modi we are in the second wave and not yet over. He also warned the people not to take easy of lock down relaxation and follow the protocols. But the public behavior is astonishing as if the cattle were let loose to graze the grass. They are going to popular places, no face masks, not social distancing and they are moving in groups. Having seen the crowd gathering in Uttarakhand Hills station our PM warned that state to be strict and not allow the crowds again. No doubt our government has been striving to stop the second wave and forbid the third wave and if the public does not behave , we will be getting more waves in future for sure. From the first wave itself we have learned the lesson that self control is the best way to stop this virus from further spreading and the people should get this wisdom through their observations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It was the same even after the first wave of Corona, in which initially the rate of the epidemic was very high in the minds of the people, but gradually the cases decreased and the fear ended and the carelessness started in the minds of the people. The result was that the second wave shook the human world again with a dangerous entry, those two to three months when the corona was in its frightening form, it started weakening the mental power of the people but then some situation got better, whose Credit can be given to the medical system and vaccination program. But there is so much negligence being done by the people from back then that the third wave is really going to be a matter of concern. People should understand the situation of this time and still need to save them.

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    The author seems to be angry with tourists why they are enjoying their holidays on hill stations with their families after a long lockdown. I don't know if the markets are closed in his state or at least in his city. But I see shops are opened in the market and on Saturday and Sunday, the market remains closed. If Corona will. spread on hill stations it will spread in markets also. In these markets, I see people don't follow covid protocols. In our state elections are still being held. I don't think we should get panic. Everything is under control. Governments have taken all precautions to face the third wave also which is expected in August and September.

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