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    Being grounded is the key.

    Many times we come across people who have achieved a lot and yet are so confident and minimalistic about their success, but at the same time we see people who haven't achieved to that extent yet believe in boosting and showing off. What I feel is whatever a person might achieve in life, they should be grateful for that, and stay as grounded as they can. Grounded doesn't mean you cannot be proud of what you have achieved, it's just not making the other person's achievement less worthy.

    Everyone here is struggling to achieve their goals, some succeed in one go, some might take two or more, whereas some might decide starting of another goal. But we should respect every person's goals and desires and not make the other person feel less worthy. That's what is a key to be successful and grounded.

    What are your views on this? Do you believe in simple living high thinking too? Or prefer being boostful about your achievements over other's failures?
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    That is true. We should never fight leaving the ground we should be always on the ground. We should never forget our basics and we should understand our limits. A king or a servant will feel hungry and they have to eat something to fulfil their hunger. A king can't eat gold.
    You may be a great man but never think that the other person is not equal to you. Try to be as simple as possible and never say more about your achievements. Others should recognise your talent. Of course, these days we have to showcase our abilities but at the same time, we can't say more. In the pursuit of showing our greatness, belittling somebody else is stupidity.
    I have seen some great poets and authors in the Telugu language and I interacted with them. Many of them never say that they are good poets. They always say that the poems of the other poets are much better than theirs. That shows their greatness. But when we read his books only we can understand how talented he is.

    always confident

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    This is right, one should never disrespect others' goals or ambitions. We all human beings are fighting to achieve our goals and definitely, most of us will be successful due to our dedication and hard work. So when we won because of our hard work then definitely others too, then why do we think of ourselves as superiors to others. There are many people who achieved everything that they want but still, they are too down to earth and never show their prestige, on the other hand, some belief in show off only. The person who will be down to earth even ofter the success will be more respectable than others.

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    As long as we are alive the world is ours and our life is the playing field and where we are placed in the field matters the most and that also decides the progress as well. In cricket the last batsmen are preferably bowlers and we cannot expect formidable performance from them. But when Kapil Dev given us the example that even the bowler can do the act of front line batsman that has really changed the perception of the cricket game and created the history. In the same game all the fielders may not get the highlight of having caught the ball because their standing position may not get the right exposure to show their talent and that does mean the field position was bad. What i mean here that life is the challenge , accept it and take the wins and losses with same degree and move on to the next level of self introspection and corrections
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Everybody wants to succeed and achieve his goal. Some people achieve their goals easily and some face difficulties and big hurdles on the way but eventually, they succeed but some people are not so fortunate to succeed despite all their best efforts. It may be due to any reason but they don't get success.
    Everybody has his own talent and qualities and we should be confident about the same. Being proud or not is a different issue. I don't think we should be proud of our abilities, skills, achievements and successes. Pride and arrogance kill your qualities.
    Once I heard Santoor Maestro Shiv Kumar Sharma said in a T.V. Programme Saa Re Gaa Maa that when someone goes up a mountain or hill he should bend his body if he does not bend his body he will fall down the hill/mountain, likewise when a person wants to succeed he should not be haughty or arrogant, rather he should be humble.

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    Many people become snob and exhibit attitude after getting success and feel themselves different from the common lot and star ignoring even their old friends. This is a bad sign and actually such people do not deserve our company because we will not be comfortable in their presence and they will be seeking opportunity to escape from the scene as early as possible. Everyone is not like that and we have seen people who are financially and socially very well off but when they meet us they talk with so much respect and closeness that we get surprised by their humbleness. I would prefer to be in the company of the latter type of people. We will also have opportunity to learn good manners from such noble souls.
    Knowledge is power.

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