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    Why the children of same parents different in talent and knowledge?

    It is the fact that those who are born as the first child either boy or girl has much importance in the family as the legacy has been started with right earnest. The grand parents were always interested to see that their family legacy is taken to next generation and thus feel much relaxed in having the first child as boy. But the later child are not given that importance and thus differentiation can be seen in talent and knowledge between the children. Though for the parents both children are are same they do differ in many ways. Any comment ??
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    That is true. Even two own brothers may not look alike. The two may not grow in the same way. There may be changes in their behaviour. Where they grow, what they eat and how they behave may also have a say on their appearance. At the same what the mother ate when he was pregnant also may have something on this.
    The parents may be the same. But the genes may be different. Genes play an important role in the growth of the child. Almost all will have two copies of most of their genes. These copies will be different. We pass one of our two copies of each of our genes to our kids. Which copy a child gets is totally random. This is the main reason.

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    The author is right that the first child in a family is the centre of all eyes. All of them showers their love over the child. But when other children are born to love of family members is divided among all children, like grandfather loves his granddaughter, whereas grandmother loves her grandson more. It happens in every family.
    But the title of the thread suggests something else. It raises the question of why siblings born to the same parents differ in characteristics, habits, education, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, emotions and abilities etc.
    What the scientists say about it is that it all depends on genes. As they say, we share half the genes of our father and half of our mother and these genes are made up of DNA molecules that determine how each part of the body are to be developed. And changing just one gene in a sequence of genes can change the result utterly. Therefore, two brothers/sisters may share half of their genes but it is possible that they don't share some of the sequences of genes that are responsible for intricate facets of their personalities.

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    Giving more attention to the first child might be a family trait and obviously the first child will get the attention of all. But that is not be the reason for their different talent or intelligence levels. Genetically, they belong to the same parents but the combinations and genetic patterns have so many differentiations between the children of the same parents that though some general features will convince us that they are same but actually there will be a huge difference between the two. Another thing is that same proportion of genetic take in from the forefathers side will not be their in both the children. So it is a complex combinations of genes and RNA/DNA chains in one's biological cells that brings out huge and perceptible differences between two individuals born from the same parent pair. This is an area where a large number of research projects are going on and we will be getting more updates in the matter in coming times.
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    From the title of the author's thread, it also seemed to me that the matter here is about the difference between the children of the same parent, but the topic of the thread is somewhat different. As far as my family is concerned I have not found this trend in my family but at the same time, I also agree with the author to some extent because I have seen it in some families. The only main reason for this is that the first child of any generation born into the family after a long time and perhaps because of this the attachment with him/her is felt in a different way, where there is no expectation and no comparison, whatever he/she do is seems enjoyable and new. There may be some comparative behavior with the later children but still, the children are the beauty of the family and are equal to all in terms of love.

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