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    Fuel your mind with new learning

    We have seen many people saying that they have achieved their best education in the career and well settled in the life and that is enough to be happy. But mere bookish knowledge does not help us to learn many things and we should have the urge to learn new things. There are seniors among us who are not aware of using our mobile gadgets fully and they are not learning new techniques through the desk top computer. During the free time try to explore the things available with you and add learning process without anyone's help. Any taker ?
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    I agree with the author, the process of learning should never be stopped, and people should always learn something new. Many scientists have also told this truth that as long as a person learns something new, the development process continues in the neurons of the brain, and the power of thinking also increases. There is so much in this world to learn that if a person wants, he can always keep learning something and develop himself continuously because it is the need of the day to keep developing himself according to the demand of the time.

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    That is true. Learning is a continuous process. Anybody can learn at any age. We heard that a lady who is more than ninety appeared for the SSC examination and passed. My mother who is 84 years practised using smartphones and she uses them very well now. She knows almost all the applications on the phone.
    We can learn at any age if we have an interest. If there is no interest even young people also may not be able to learn. Our mindset plays a very important role. If you start with " I can", without any doubt you can do it. If you think " Can I", you may not be successful. Be positive and start learning even in your 70s and 80sdefinitely you will be successful.

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    There is no end of learning and even if you take up a new thing for your learning, you can pass your time doing a constructive time. Let the brain do its work on a new horizon so that we can enhance its activity. Brain function improves only when we apply our mind for different types learning. We have come across many events when a mother has appeared for the matriculation examination at the ripe age of 75 with her commendable performance and her final result of the examination proved to be a big surprise for the entire family. We need to sharpen our mental faculties with taking up some constructive objectives to achieve the same.

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    Human mind has immense capacity for learning. It can accommodate whatever with it is fed. Only thing is that one should have a zeal to learn newer and newer things in one's life. Learning new things keeps our mind alert and strong and for keeping it working we must feed it new material. Monotonous and routine things would not improve the mental faculties and in fact they will only cause boredom and frustration. One must inculcate habit of learning new things and that can not only nourish our minds but also keep us happy and satisfied.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author that our old generation should also be well aware of modern technology used in necessary gadgets like mobiles. But it is possible up to some extent. Knowledge which a person gained by reading books or keeping in touch with all other sources of knowledge will remain a knowledgable person despite not knowing about technical knowledge or expertise handling any latest gadget.
    New technology is coming almost everybody because experts of research and development programs are on the job to bring forth more advanced technology. You might have noticed that the young generation seems to be crazy about the latest technology. They change their gadget so quickly, as soon as any new gadget comes into the market they run after it. It can't be expected from the old generation, and also it is not affordable to everyone, even to the young generation and in this situation when even young generation can't afford to purchase the latest gadget equipped with the latest technology, then how it is expected from the old generation to go along with the latest technology. However, a section in our society should always be there to help them to get their work done.

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    That's correct and the important thing here is the interest to learn something new. You can learn anything that you wish and when you are willing to learn you will get a lot of help too. When it comes to the latest gadgets younger generation helps a lot and there are many grandparents who learn the nitty-gritty of the latest smart mobile gadgets from their grandchildren. While people were dependent only on books earlier, nowadays one can get information on anything they wish by surfing the internet. For that, one has to know how to surf the internet and this single thing can open the doors to many other aspects.

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