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    Excellence is not the criteria of have something.

    Proof that there is music inside is the way the song travels. For those who have never sung a song, why the seven syllables that are the way of the song? The standard of excellence is not what you owned, but how you use what you have. Who benefits from non-performing fixed deposits?

    One should evaluate oneself not in terms of savings but concerning how one uses one's wealth. The prayer to be taught to use talents should be stronger than the prayer to pour out talents and blessings. The fact is that not all winged birds can reach the same height and distance. But it is also vital that the wings should gain the maximum that overcomes. Many people miss out on their missions and missions because they present a list of things they don't have and cover what they do have.
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    Non- performing assets or resources are reserved for the future when performing assets or resources will get exhausted and then the region where all these nonperforming assets exist will benefit in days to come.
    Excellence has its own importance. It can not be underestimated whether or not it is used. This issue is also bound to this fact that someone who has a kind of talent or excellentnce should be exhibited before people, else how other people could know about his talent or excellence. The author is right while highlighting the importance of excellence and he finds it of no use if it remains hidden or unknown or unutilised by the person who possesses it.

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    what is the use of having books with us, if we don't know what is there inside. When we read the book only we will understand the use of that book. Similarly what is the use of having food you are having if you are not eating and not allowing others to eat. Sometimes these non-performing assets will lose their importance and become outdated and not useful to anybody. One should be known how to convert these non-performing assets to performing assets. The skills one have should be used to show their talent to others. Then only others will understand the worth of the other candidate and encourage him/her. As long as you keep everything in closed condition nobody will know what you are.
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    If someone is having some skills or specific qualities or excellence in any field then these are to be utilised in a proper way so that their manifestation can be seen and appreciated by others. Qualities have to come out and are to be converted in real work so that commensurate output is achieved. Good skills or excellence buried inside a person and never to be used is a misery of lifetime. We must make use of our inner strengths and knowledge in a practical way benefitting ourselves as well as the whole society.
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    How can the state of excellence can be reached without exploring the fully criteria and that is important to feel the progress and register the development. If some one considers that scoring 80 percent mark is the excellence and then what about who scored more than that. In a class there is stiff competition as to who scores more. Naturally those who score nearly 100 are considered par excellence and those who score below the best score are considered the excellence. Nevetheless one who scores from 90 to 99 are always considered the cream of the performers among the lots.
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    A good thread has been presented by the author, if there is any talent in a person, then surely using it in the right way will prove any meaning of that talent, many times it happens that a person underestimates his ability or his ability. Talents could not be recognized, but even after we have understood our talents, we hide our talents by not showing ourselves talented in front of everyone, then it is natural that no one can recognize that talent. Some people always wait for an opportunity and they feel like they will show their talent when the right opportunity will be arises but it will not happen automatically but one should have to make this situation happen by itself. Creating our own opportunity is an important step in today's world. The author has also rightly clarified in his example that the non-profitable amount is of no use unless it is used properly.

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