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    Do not wait to wander in the other's sky.

    It takes desire and enthusiasm to build your sky. No one can adjust the trajectory of another. Everyone has the freedom to travel only in the world created for themselves according to thoughts and interests. It is the mindset of each individual that increases or decreases the area of their sky. No one can attain self-realization by trespassing within the boundaries of another. Some wait to frolic in the sky, created by the other. Some try to drag others to get closer into their skies. Both are equally futile.
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    Everybody has right to live as he/she wants live his/her life. Nobody has right to stop him/her. Sky is the limit for everybody and sky itself seems to be unlimited but this vast sky has uncountable heavenly bodies and each heavenly body has to move on its trajectory and every heavenly body has to abide by prescribed rules and regulations of the nature, if any of them tries to violate these rules or intrudes into other's territory or trajectory it will collide with other heavenly bodies.
    The thread has a message. I agree to it. This world is full of competitors. You can't expect to succeed in your efforts easily until you face many challenges in your life. To build a bright career for yourself, you are supposed to implement all your abilities into your efforts. Success does not come easily because it is a vast field of competition where everybody is ready to cut the throat of others.

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    We have been nurtured and brought up with great care and interest by the parents and we have been bestowed with own talent and abilities and that makes the life to live on our own terms and not at the behest of others. No doubt the path of winning the life is not that easy as we face the stilf competition from others but that should not deter our progressive abilities. During the Intermediate practical exams my son was angry with the room invigilator for helping to solve the problems to finish the exams quickly to which he was not cooperating and opted to write on his own understanding and perceptions. The invigilator warned my son that there are every chance of he getting demoted. To which he also challenged him. But nothing as such as happened and this incident is the example for this thread .
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One has to take care of his own life. Nobody can support lifelong. Our parents may see that we will get an education and they will teach us how to live in this world. But they can't give you all comforts lifelong. You have to plan yourself. You have to use the resources available and provided by your parents, lead your life safely. How much successful you are in your life depends on the way you work using all the available resources. No free lunch is available in this world. We can make our life by struggling ourselves without hurting others and their rights. Weighting for somebody to come and help you will be of no use. So get energised, utilise all the resources you have and fly as height as possible and enjoy your life. It is not correct to spoil others for our benefit. You live and let others also live in this world. Never get into the area of others and try to misuse the freedom we are enjoying. Let us learn to be in our area and excel as much as possible.
    always confident

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    The author is told the truth that we meet both types of people around us in the world, some of whom want us to be a part of their sky and the same others who want to get the other's sky and in fact, we do our best in doing both. destroy energy. To make our sky means our own world, we have to understand our own ability and desire, unless we can understand what we want, we cannot decide our sky. After understanding the wants, we should also make a strategy to achieve them according to our own convenience, there is nothing wrong in taking advice or learning from others, but decide your own way of doing every work and also to decide the others.

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