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    Why do people consider this one relationship above other relationships?

    A relationship is a relationship no matter what the relationship is. In every relationship, we always have a bond with the person and if there is some bitterness in the relationship then sadness is felt naturally. The pain is almost the same when a relationship breaks up, it just depends on your mindset. But in society, all the relationships are kept on one side and only the relation of marriage on the other side.

    Why the word life partner means only husband or wife attached, a son or daughter can also become a partner of his parents, any other relation or friends are also lifelong companions. Has society, by keeping the relationship of marriage above other relationships, has created such a situation that people have started considering it as a curse if there are problems in the marriage relationship or if there is no marriage.
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    Son or daughter may live with their parents till some time only. Once they attain a certain age the son may go to a different place and he will get married and he will have his family. Similarly, the daughter also will get married and go with her husband. Only wife and husband will be together till the end. They will have a common property and that will never be divided between them as long as they live together. Marriage is a relationship made for life. But these days marriage is also being seen as an agreement and we are hearing about many people getting separated.
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    Well, the relationship is special in the sense that the partners are expected to stay together throughout their lives irrespective of what is happening with the other members of the family. Dr Rao has already mentioned why the sons and daughters cannot stay with their parents throughout life and when it comes to friends it may be found that at times the attitude of friends also changes. Actually, the nature of human beings may change depending on the situation and that creates a problem in all kinds of relationships; be it between parents and children, husband and wife, siblings or friends. What I think is there is no need to give too much importance to what people think about any relationship. People will think and consider according to their wish and we do not have any control over them. So, there is also no use to think of them too much.

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    Relationship is always connected with the wife and husband relations and that is the universal truth and everyone recognizes the same immediately. Brother and sister relations cannot be called as the same because it is between the two of the same family like wise other relations are not considered to be the same as the understanding between them is different. If a woman and man live without marraige , even that is also not recognized in our society and only those who are married and having the approval of the parents are considered to be the relations of husband and wife for sure.
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    Every relationship is important and each of them has its own place. If a relationship is discarded it always creates a vacuum which can't be filled easily. Husband and wife are involved in a unique relationship. This relationship is the closest relationship in terms of intimacy. We may have emotional intimacy in other relationships also but their intimacy goes further. A son or a daughter can not stay for ever with his/her parents, reason is obvious that a son has to seek a source of income and then he needs to have another relationship with a spouse. He can keep in touch with his parents or his parents can live with him too likewise a daughter has to marry and she can't stay forever with her parents or siblings ,however if she does not marry then she can stay with her parents. But generally, it does not happen that a son or a daughter does not marry because his/her relationship with parents.

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    There are many types of relationships in this world but the bond of marriage is considered the most important one out of all. The reason for this is that this is not only a life time commitment relationship but is a relationship for raising a family, producing the next generation, and taking the responsibility in a very big way which is not required in other type of relationships. The mutual faith, trust, and confidence in each other that is required in this relationship is of very high order. That is what makes it a demanding relationship.
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