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    Is it time educational institutions should start?

    School plays an extremely important role towards the development of a child. It's not just the study or the subject, it's the environment between the teachers and the students in a classroom setting that helps and molds students towards a bright future. They contribute in forming the opinion and thoughts of a student. However due to the pandemic it's almost 2 years since schools have shut down, even though the studies and exams have continued there is still a lack of development that should occur into a child at this age and it is due to lack of having a routine school life. Closing down of school was a very well thought idea, it has indeed reduced covid cases, however the ill-effects are also huge. Moreover as everything has started being normal, starting from restaurants to malls, travelling to gymming, it's high time education sector should also start pacing up. Students have definitely been extremely bored sitting in front of the screen, trying to learn things in a sleepy state early in the morning. Also this system of online classes have shifted the pressure more to the parents than that of students.As the covid vaccines have come across all around the country and most people have been vaccinated,and we are finally walking towards a new normal, therefore it's about time, that schools should reopen within a month or so. Obviously there should be necessary precautions taken like, sanitization of school premises, along with wearing masks. New techniques and guidelines in respect of odd-even systems, online and offline classes simultaneously should be also taken into consideration. Education is the key for development and it has already been delayed enough, thus should start as fast as possible keeping all the precautions in mind.

    What are your views on this?
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    While on the face of it every one would agree that the valuable time is losing out and the students are not getting the right education. The author too want that the schools need to open and the education should start. But the vaccine program is not yet over and the school children are yet to cover. The parents are not ready to take chance at this time because the second vaccine is not yet over for the youth and the children vaccine is yet not finalized and many parents are not ready to urgent for the vaccine. So in this back drop this year also the education is going to be the onlline class and exams would be help online . Otherwise like what the Telangana government done that everyone would be declared just pass and promoted to the next class without spoiling their academic year and that bad practice to which merit students would not agree.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that schools are very important in inculcating complete educational experience in the students as well as making them aware about their environment and society. There is no one to one replacement for schooling and online classes are only an interim measure. Now the big question is when schools should open. There is no respite from the virus so far except that many people are vaccinated and may be safer as compared to earlier situation. But still the percentage of vaccinated persons is quite low if we see the huge population here. In my opinion we should not be in a hurry to open schools. First let Govt open up the travel of people fully from one place to another and within a few month its result will be known. Then allow the shops to open for full time everywhere and when the result of all this is encouraging then only go for the school opening. Please note that our young generation is a precious thing at present and only after having confidence about the virus containment we can take tha risk of opening the educational institutes.
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    That is correct. Children are missing school life. They are locked down in the house only and not even going out to play. This is due to Covid. Even though teaching is going online students are not relishing the same. So many days spending time only in the house is really boring for them.
    Even though the seriousness of the situation has come down, but the danger is not over completely yet. Still daily around 40,000 cases are reported and the cases in Kerala State are very high. Third-wave is also expected. So the spread of the virus is not completely stopped.
    Vaccination is going on. But still many people have to get vaccinated. Children below 18 years are not being vaccinated. When it will start also we don't know. So waiting for completion of vaccination is also not correct. But we should wait for some more time. I think in another one or two months we will know how the virus is going to behave. Then only we should think of opening schools.

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    This is not the opportune time to open the school even though the children are badly affected with the online classes. There is no viable alternative to this. The school management was earlier thinking of reopening the schools from the third week of July in Jharkhand but once the Government noticed the spread of delta variants in some quarters of the country, they have differed their earlier views for the protection of the children. So nothing more can be done to improve upon the present system. The children has to follow the present system despite its flaws. We will have to gear up our vaccination drive aggressively among the children below 18 so that they, too, are covered within the safety net. In case, there is no more surge after the vaccination of the entire people and after the careful consideration of the development, we can start the classes for all children.

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    I agree that school has a special in a student's life. A student not only gets an education in a school but also is taught good manners. He is provided with an environment that is conducive to his physical and mental development. He is enlightened with knowledge and when leaves his institution he spreads the light of his knowledge to other people also.
    The author has raised his concern that how the study of students has been disturbed for the last few years because of coronavirus. He is satisfied with the present online system of imparting knowledge to students. I don't go against his views though but the question is that how to teach these students. What is the best way to impart knowledge to these students?
    When he said that malls and markets are permitted to get opened but schools are still closed. It means he wants that schools should be opened by the government. I don't know if the government will hear him.

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    Education is an essential component of the child development and prosperity of a nation. The process of education must continue to bring knowledge, wisdom and responsibility among learners. The education system has been badly hit in the covid -19 pandemic and online education doesn't fill the gap that pandemic has left among learners. It is high time schools and colleges must open and restart the routine work and equip the students with the education. When tourists and gardens are open, the education system must also be opened to stop further wastage of precious time of students. Lockdown has caused depression among people and students are also under severe stress; the suicide rate going up among young people. To stop this situation go from bad to worse, schools must be opened while maintaining all SOP's.

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    Parents have already lost many near and dear ones during this challenging period and they will not take any risk on their children even it is proved that vaccines work good for them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I truly believe, that school is a must in young person living! But during the pandemia we need to be strong and careful.

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